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  1. you never stop learning, i did my IAM course last year and was a valuable experience. Always look as far as you can and reduce the hazards by speed and position. Communicate to other users you are there by changing position etc As they say be able to stop within the distance ahead of you and on your side of the road.
  2. can you undo them at the engine side rather than carb side? I've modded/shortened allen keys just to do that. For my TDM i have to use a universal joint on a 1/4" drive socket adapter with extensions, absolute pain to do as i have to feel around and hope i have latched onto the screw
  3. what are carb clips? do you mean the inlet manifolds which have clamps on them?
  4. i used one in a gilera and it had replaceable jets (some don't) managed to dial it in and ran well. A few years ago so no idea regarding the seller
  5. seems to be a lot faster now
  6. usually for yams, its a whittled wooden dowel bashed down to lock inside the fork at its lowest point. Do a google search. also upturned bolt (don't know which size) welded to a rod. A quick spin on a drill could turned the bolt before the inner rod span.
  7. great news, there's a sense of satisfaction in getting something going
  8. i agree then you can eliminate that. Double check valve timing too, been there done that
  9. i thought you need a vacuum to fix the Carbon and glue to each other. you don't want delimitation as that weakens the product. I think autoclave might just for speeding things along
  10. baz, clean bike you have there
  11. drewpy

    I'm done!

    aww slice, big decision, but i can understand it. Been a pleasure to ride with you in the past and some great memories. take care
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