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  1. The final leg of the journey is up http://iomtomalta.blogspot.com/
  2. Meanwhile, Day 6 is up! - To Civitavechia http://iomtomalta.blogspot.com/p/day-6.html
  3. lol! What a guy! just reading about Hanibal now...
  4. Not sure what you mean, maybe the Maltese have affected my sense of humour. It was a Thunderace...
  5. Thanks! As it happens m8, I did buy a car... after recently passing my test in Malta 1992 VW Polo Coupe! Bought it because the roads here are a bit crazy for a bike, I feel like Troy Bayliss every morning and evening...roads are so slippy! Drove the car and thought...NAAAAH! Sorry Mr Polo, but my mistress is better.... I ride around Malta instead, much more fun than a car.
  6. Day 5 updated! http://iomtomalta.blogspot.com/p/day-5_10.html Deiva Marina - Grosseto - Castiglione della Pescaia
  7. Hey guys! I havent been on these forums for a while. I like the updates! Have just got back from a journey 'the Isle of Man to Malta' on my trusty Thunderace 1997. To document it, I am writing a blog, see below! Isle of Man to Malta! Enjoy the Blog!
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    Nice! welcome too
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    new to this

    woooo, welcome
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    Damn Fool

    I suppose the sensible option would be to wait a day, drain the oil leaving the plug out another day so she drains completely. Fill her up with proper oil, take it for a quick spin.... 0.5 of a mile... leave her for a few hours and drain her again then fill her up once drained... Thats my own opinion BTW Good luck Tray = Improvise Oil = 10 or 20 quid oh, LMAO also... lol Ive never been in that situation, definately one you will look back on and laugh about
  11. I understand peeps wanting to make their 125 scream faster.. faster into the corners etc. Used to outrun all the big bikes into the corners with my MITO... But the cheaper oprion would be to buy a bigger bike
  12. welcome matey... Being biased I'd say the Thundercat would be a nice bike to get into
  13. done! What a gimp.. why double tax...
  14. Aced Up

    Hitlers new bike

    Good film that!! The Downfall.
  15. lol, I dont have a choice in the matter... ferry or ferry.... woo, im on the ferry to Liverpool on Thurs then a 200mile ride to Cumbria
  16. Thanks for the replies!! Found the problem... It was just the chain rubbing and bouncing on the rubber which sits along the top of the swingarm Random!
  17. This is while in gear and riding.... to help diagnose I pulled in the clutch between 4000 and 3000 revs (while riding)... and the noise stops... in neutral the noise doesnt occur at all.
  18. I pull the clutch, and it doesnt rattle.... with this new piece of info.. I know it wont be ENGINE related.... more the side of transmission I think.
  19. OK, between 3 and 4 thousand revs I get this rattle/scraping sound.... ONLY WHEN IM USING THE ENGINE TO SLOW DOWN or release the throttle (same thing I know) Any ideas? Ive thought about loose fairing... but why the noise between these revs? Flywheel? clutch? its doing in my nut.. lol
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    hello everyone

    good stuff! welcome
  21. Its great to see a bike that old looking so well
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    wooo!! Welcome!
  23. :lol: Did ya find any? My brother (1) just found out that our older bruv(2) hasnt insured the car that brother (1) is currently driving... TwT!!!! gonna quiz him!
  24. http://www.askmid.com/askmid.aspx I Found this on another forum, good to know your insurance is displaying your reg on the database correctly
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