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  1. Hey guys Id just like to say hi to everyone and share my dilemma with you guys, perhaps some of you could guide me in the right direction. Im 20 and have owned my xvs125 for a good year and a half. I hardly ride it but pamper it away in the garage and those spring and summer months its out the garage definetly are some of my best days Time has come though where Im considering to sell it, if I could get more power out of it, I would keep it, however if I cant I would rather just sell it. Selling it and buying a larger engined bike isnt an option because I dont have my full licence and being a student dont want to fork out the money for the theory, lessons................... So here is the question: Can I get more power out of my xvs 125???? I have searched on the web but couldnt find any solid information Ps my budget is 200-400 Look forward to hearing from you guys George
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