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  1. Having got a ratty pre-Divvie XJ600, I want to try and clean it up a little. The alloy fittings are showing years of environmental abuse now. Any lacquer that may have been applied at the factory is long gone, to be replaced with a delightful furry, bloomed finish. So, I think that while copious amounts of Solvol Autosol might make it shiny, I may have to resort to other methods. Can alloy fittings be painted/stoved? Or does anyone have any other suggestions for making them look better, other than throwing them away and buying new?
  2. SRJ999

    To buy or not to buy?

    Sooooo... The long journey was made from Lakeside, where my mate Mark picked me up, to Batley. It pissed down most of the way but spirits were high. We were tired when we arrived and the bike looked not much less tired. The bad points: 1. A fecking HUGE dent in the tank. It's creased and the paint's peeled off locally. 2. Some minor cracks in the plastics (fairing, clock surround). 3. A tear in the seat. 4. A badly hand-painted frame (looks like someone has used Hammerite or underseal, brush-applied) 5. The alloy fittings are badly pitted and oxidised. 6. Throttle action is a bit sticky/stiff. Hopefully, use and a copious amount of oil down the cable will help there. The good points: 1. It fired up first time. From cold (we checked before pressing the button). 2. New chain & sprockets, plus decent tyres (but 18" wheels? Oh boy). 3. New fork seals, no undue bounciness to either front or rear sussie units. 4. Head races seemed fine. No undue movement or notchiness that we could feel. 5. New brake pads. New braided front brake lines (original rear lines - need to replace. Maybe) 6. MoT until the end of October 2010. No tax, though. 7. Handling was ok, at least for the short trip I took it out on. On reflection, we decided that, while it's not the prettiest bike we'd ever come across, we had to remember that it WAS 20 years old and, for £500, we were never going to see a concourse-winning example. Once over the initial shock, briefly tested the bike and allowed some realism in, I handed my wad over to Shane. Mark strapped the bike onto the trailer as I checked over the papers. As we were leaving, Shane called us back. "Do you need a workshop manual? It's no use to me." I'd checked online and the Haynes manuals are generally about £20, so naturally, I took it out of the garage. See? Even a little result can bring a smile. As I said; she ain't pretty. In the short term at least, there'll be no major money spent. However, if I really enjoy the experience, come winter, I'll look to stripping her down and tarting her up. I'm just excited at the prospect of riding again. One more thing - any recommendations on cleaning oxidised alloy fittings? (I'll post elsewhere on this matter, too).
  3. SRJ999

    To buy or not to buy?

    Thanks guys. Like I need an excuse to buy a bike... I hope to be picking it up Thursday afternoon. I'll let y'all know how it goes.
  4. SRJ999

    To buy or not to buy?

    Thanks for the offer, Riker but the Radian isn't really what I'm after. I think the XJ may be a goer, though; even if I decide to get rid of it after a few months, I think I'd get my money back.
  5. Hi guys, It's been a looooong time since I've posted in here but, having got rid of the TDM (much against my will), I'm now considering alternatives to help get my fix back. To that end, I have been offered a pre-Divvie XJ600 C, 1991 vintage with 8 month's ticket and 20000 miles. It's at the wrong end of the country but is cheap (£550), so becomes affordable, even for a pauper such as I. Has anyone got any knowledge of this model or opinions about it? Any weak points I should be aware of? For that price, I'm not expecting a concourse machine. However, I'd like a bike that at least had a bit of go in it, plus something that isn't too small for my long legs. This has a seat height only 1.5 inches lower than the TDM and a top end of about 120 I think, so should do for now. So long as there are no known gremlins, of course. All comments welcome. Ta. Hopeful (naive?) Steve
  6. SRJ999

    XJ550 Advice

    OK; decision made. Whilst mulling it over, I was beaten to it by a "buy It Now" bidder. So, the search can start anew.
  7. SRJ999

    XJ550 Advice

    I am a little concerned that I may be biting off more than I can chew here. This could also end up being a money pit. I don't expect it to go for £100 either. It's located a fair way off from me, which is also an issue but I can get cheap/free transport to collect. I just worry that I'm looking for anything, rather than taking time and finding something that might actually be worth saving. I may actually be better off waiting (and saving up) to find something salvageable for the £500 mark. If I'm honest, I've always fancied an Elsie but so far I've only seen silly money ones. However, I thought an XJ550 would at least be able to carry both me and the other half on trips once in a while. I can't see an RD250/350LC being too good at that particular task... I think I'll wait.
  8. SRJ999

    XJ550 Advice

    Ladies & gentlemen, a little advice, if you would be so kind. Having had an utterly crap 2009, during which I lost my job and worse, my beloved TDM, I have been bikeless for most of the year. I now find myself continually poring over ads in MCN and eBay for something I might be able to afford. Some have come and gone but I'm being uber careful and have not as yet succumbed to anything. Bearing in mind that my budget is woefully low, any offers for sparkly new/newish machines for sale will only add to the depression. However, this week I came across an XJ550, 1982 vintage, in eBay. Apparently it's a runner but has a headlight relay issue plus possibly other electrical problems. I contacted the seller who alluded to it in his reply: "In short, the engine is a good un but the electrics are the problem, Im assured that it can be sorted for less than a hundred quid." The bike is what it is; an old machine that probably needs TLC to get properly running. Am I deluding myself, I wonder? It's up for £100 start and £300 buy it now. You'll find it here. I've got until tomorrow (3 Dec) to decide but would appreciate any thoughts. Ta.
  9. Lot of love in this room. OK; I'll get me coat (seeing as how I have no constructive opinion to contribute).
  10. My but you good people have some wicked suggestions. I do sympathise with you though, young Goff. I am currently in mid-dispute with a neighbour who, up until I had the temerity to put my wheelie bins near his wall, left me alone. Now he has made it his mission in life to get the backing of the neighbourhood to send my other half and me to Coventry. Frankly, I think the bloke's a twat. He reckoned he'd take the matter further, although that was over a month ago. Now, if he's out when I leave the house, he scurries back indoors. I, too, feel the need to remove two, maybe four valve inners from his wheels (I leave early/return late from work each day). You folks have given me loads of food for thought.....
  11. All sensible advice there. The key to riding in the rain is to KEEP IT SMOOTH. No sudden acceleration or braking - easy on both gas and brakes. Trailing the rear brake will provide a degree on control but don't keep your foot on the pedal - other road users will get frustrated with you. Anticipate hazards and you'll be fine. Allow more time for braking and, if it's snowing, a LOT more time. In snow, expect to need at least ten times the braking distance - you won't know what's under the snow. The leaves advice is very sound. Slippery little critters, those. In rain, try to avoid them, which I realise is not always possible. The same applies to manhole covers; on the straight, you'll probably be all right to go over them but avoid them when cornering. Remember; if you do go over a manhole, you're on it for less than a second. You're only going to aquaplane if you're really tanking it and going through a lot of water. At slow speeds, the bike's weight will keep you planted on the road, so it shouldn't really be an issue. You'll be amazed at how good modern rubber is at holding the road. Just don't try getting your knee down..... When you first go out, theres always so much to take on board. Take your time and allow confidence to build. Oh yes; and, as was already noted - keeping warm will also help a great deal. Make sure that you stay warm but also that any extra clothing you have doesn't restrict your movements. You need to be able to keep relaxed. Enjoy.
  12. 12 October? Like, BSB final showdown day at Brands Hatch? I know where I'll be. Have fun, anyway.
  13. Nah, you're all right. If we can't vent our spleens once in a while, we're all fecked..... There's a lot of love in this room..... I had my rant when I first started the thread. I can't deny being really pleased to have seen the footage, irrespective of what people may think of the police pursuer. I do believe I've got it out of my system now .
  14. Aha. Now I realise why I've not seen him for a while. Here he is, starring in his own video: Gotcha
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