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    yamaha fazer 600

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    cars , bikes , tattoo's oh and my grandkids
  1. kath

    new to this

    nice welcome thank you ........ hi
  2. kath

    new to this

    thanx and hi
  3. kath

    new to this

    hi oldgitonabike ............ bikernan here lol ( kath ) mmmm ........ not sure if dumbfries is bad but where i am is beautiful
  4. kath

    new to this

    hi shoKz and thanx when i figure it out i will post some pics of my bike ..... lol
  5. kath

    new to this

    thanx kennyboy and hi
  6. kath

    new to this

    good evening all bikernan here
  7. kath


    good evening to you all, am new to this . i have a yamaha fazer 600 but have'nt passed my test yet . kath
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