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  1. In the 500,000 miles plus miles i have travelled over the last 3 years, yes, i do clutchless changes, up and down box, the later being harder. Its not something I do a lot of, but I do do it. it depends on your riding style and how hard you want to push, if your going balls out, you dont want to be clutchless changing, Its certaily a style that suites a rider who is taking his/her time and is not in traffic. I can only say i do clutchless shifts when my other hand is otherwise engaged, wether it be saying "hello" to the driver of the box next to me, or using some sign language that most people understand, but also I do it when I just cant be bothered..ie after being on the road for 12 hours with still 4 more to go.
  2. May be going to OGOB, cant miss my bike....well thats what I thought....plenty of the "Oh..I didnt see you..." people out there. My reply is, well get your f*****g eyes tested!!! Its big, its yellow...Oh..and if you still cant see me mr/mrs then you should be able to spot my freaking flouresent jacket!!! May see you there:) pps..sry about my outburst..its 4.20am..just going to bed...
  3. Well people of Yammy land, I have found the culprit.....and this person has more or less said he was around at the time...coincidence..i think not. To anser the Qs about wether another place would have been better...anywhere but there in hindsite : ) , but no, the front of the carpark where i work has lots of cameras..yeah great, but on a sunday night, nobody is on as security ad even if there was, it takes a person to actually record it, not all cameras in many places are 24/7 recording, some are. but many are not. Living were i am, you need wheels to get you about, buses dont run here to often and late at night when i start, they dont come at all, great our sevices are..... So..to the point, this chappy is an X, who by all accounts is happy in his new relationship, but yet since finding out my girlfriends house, has been 'waiting' (Id call it stalking)at the top of the street to see any goings on. Can I tell the police...well yeah sure,but will it do any good?...Nope, so what do i do? If i aim directly at him with something personal, then he will know its me,good or bad? Both probably, so ive a dilema, I want him to pay (unlikely to get money from the shit as he dosnt even give his own son money, even tho he pays virtually no bills cos hes a twat and hasnt informed the relevant people ( could be a plan...) , so ideas please?
  4. Seeing that we are having an early Xmas (The snow) I decided to park my bike outside my girlfriends house overnight while i was at work a mere 500 yards away. To my horror after a 12 hour night shift i came back to it at 7am to find 2 flat tyres, ok i thought, maybe it was the severe cold...upon examining the tyres..I found a neat tool shape, identical in each tyre wall....SO THE F%$£*R WHO DID THIS WILL PAY IF I FIND YOU, not only did you cost me money to have my bike recovered, you cost me money for new tyres and made me stay awake for the whole of the day and next night, YOU ARE A C*&T and will pay dearly for your actions.... Do these MOFOs know what it costs!!!!
  5. Foookin hilarious!!! Nice one Merv
  6. He means HE ran with the bike to push start it lmao!!!
  7. Dont know how, it wasnt even my bike, it was an insurance machine as the council had reversed over mine the day I was leaving lol. Of course, Ive done a hell of a lot more miles since then all around this island called Great Britain, many pics, many memories. Heres my ride now...
  8. Never had probs with getting bits for my Aprillias, its shitty dealers that are to blame, I use a shop about 15 miles from me for parts and usually they are in or obtainable in a day or 2. Even a BIG dealer up the road (Rocket center) use this shop to get parts!!! Thorncraft 01254 264230 Thorncraft website click here P
  9. Just as Drepwy has said, just do it mate, you will have the best holiday ever, go where you please, when you please. I did the WHOLE of Scotland from down here in Lancashire on a YBR125, best holiday I ever had, memories and piccys taken, fantastic, I did 2500 miles (Small change to the 300,000 miles Ive done in the last 3 years on bikes) In the 10 days I had allocated to my trip. Just make sure your bike is ready for it. A tent and other camp stuff, and away you go!!!! My ybr..a little laden, but still did 85Mph I loved these 'roads' The people you will meet on your journey will think your mad, but its those people that will help to make your trip a fun thing to do. Every morning of my trip, I just loaded up and rode away, if I saw a road I liked, Id try it out and see where it went. It was my Birthday while I was up there and this guy off a campsite played happy birthday on his bagpipes to me while his wife sang. Go for it mate, be great, youll be on here when you get back telling us of your stories.
  10. lmfao, class!!! Who needs memory, im gona write them down on my hands...somebody is in for a nice treat...muhahahahahahha!!!
  11. HAhahahaahhahahahha....Great that
  12. Hi everbody. for those that frequent Big Ds motorbike cafe in Todmorden, I have a warning for you. Over the past week or so, several plain clothes motorbike police have been circulating the routes in and about the Cafe (Burnley end,Cliviger, Rochdale, Bacup and all the routes and back roads), the first you will now about them is the blue lights in your mirrors. the bikes they are using look standard, one is an R1 and the other ive seen is a Pan european, nothing different about them. The officers take details and if its your first stop with them, they give you a warning, 2nd stop, you will be booked!! There have been a few bad accidents in the area in the recent past, so be carefull out there...
  13. Oh, I go riding all the time, even in my sleep...or is it i am asleep sometimes when I should be riding? Whichever it is, yeah mines vac, so Its fine..even with the old log burner going 10 feet away....
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