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  1. Hi Debbi The mustang seat is the way to go, it's about £400 new but worth it.
  2. Hi, I will be changing my oil & filter this week and just wanted to ask about the removal of the front header pipe. Do you have to remove it because you can’t get to the bolts at the bottom or because you cant get the filter plate or filter out. Has anyone ever changed it without removing the header pipe?
  3. fenman


    Took my 1100 custom for it’s MOT today and found out a little bit of info. Now I ride with a slow seat most of the time, if my wife wants to ride with me them I just bolt the other half back on. The guy at my local MOT station said that technically it should fail, why? Because I still had the rear foot pegs fitted, take them off and it’s ok. If the boys in blue want to be funny they can nick you for defective seating, so if like me you don’t use them much just remove them to be on the safe side. Safe riding.
  4. Mine are black !................and round.
  5. Thanks, I'll give it a go.
  6. Hi, I want to remove the dragstar emblem from the side of my fuel tank and side covers. Has anyone got any tips on the best way to do it without marking the paint?
  7. fenman

    Hitlers new bike

    A short vid but absolutely hilarious http://www.brainsweb.co.uk/uploads/the-wrong-bike.wmv
  8. fenman

    Hyper Charger

    Try this on ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/kuryakyn-hypercharge...1QQcmdZViewItem
  9. First thing I would do is change the stock seat, it just dose not work. I have a mustang seat and you can ride all day with.
  10. Hi Martin, I fitted Jardine slip on turnouts to my 1100. you get a nice deep rumble and no need to re-jet. I did take it to my local dyno dealer and have it checked and adjusted, as it goes lean at slow running. That was an extra £95.00 but worth it, see the link below http://www.customcruisers.com/custom2005/c...arget=d629.html
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