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remote start help


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Hi there everyone, I'm new to the forum and have a question about fitting a remote start alarm.

My son has a ybr125 efi 2015 and we have wired an alarm to the bike which that side works fine

but we are unable to get the remote start to work.

It will turn the engine over fine but wont start at all, we have been told it has something to do with the ignition to ecu wires.

Has anyone managed to wire one up to actually work?

Thank you


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Not that I know anything about this, but...
It's got to be an immobiliser problem, the key isn't actually present, so the immobiliser won't be disabled.

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On 2/28/2022 at 8:09 PM, neversaydie said:

Cant help you, but remote start? Is there a point to that?

I used one on my old gsx600f, left the original ig in place but it wasn't connected to anything and i turned the ig on on the bike with a keyfob, same as the blipper on modern car keys. I did have a manual overide hidden under the seat. I used a spare in the fuse box and if i needed to start the bike i could put the fuse in which bypassed the system leaving the ig permanently on. Was neat but needed an optimate or the electronics (20yrs ago) would do for the battery. Never bothered with the remote start thing though. I could have connected the starter circuit to it but visions of the bike driving its self off the stand put paid to that.

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