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Yamaha aerox 2009 keeps stalling with pod air filter

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Yamaha aerox keeps dying

It has
Carbon fibre Reed valves
70cc airsal aluminium kit
17.5 dellorto carb with 80 jet
Stock air box with polini double layer air filter
Full circle airsal crankshaft
Tecnigas Q-Tre exhaust

Stock carb - 12mm with 62 main jet
Carb using now - 17.5mm dellorto carb comes with 80 jet

been running fine but recently bought a malossi pod foam air filter and it just won’t go right whatever I do. Started by trying to put a 110 jet in which I thought would be quite a bit too big and it idles and goes to about half throttle fine but when you open it up it dies it pretty much sounds like it just completely loses all air and fuel and has nothing entering the engine. I dropped it to 100 and it did the same I went all the way down to 80  (which I use with the air box) and it would do the same. Riding it down the road it rides completely fine at about a quarter throttle (pilot jet) but the second you open it up it dies then it will have a spike where it goes then dies then goes then dies.

I’ve looked everywhere for answers and can’t find any.
recently found that it could be when the Reed valves close they force some air back through the carb and normally it bounces around in the air box but without the air box it’s just leaving. Could that be the problem?
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The last thing you do is junk the airbox. 

Clean still air gives performance. The nasty turbulent air at the back of your bike won't. You are likely even pulling exhaust fumes back in. 

Airboxes with a better filter will always outperform pods/foamies on everything apart from a dragstrip. 

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I figure you pretty much solved your own question with your Topic Title...

"Yamaha aerox 2009 keeps stalling with pod air filter"

Stalls WITH the new filter, doesn't stall WITHOUT the filter, remove the filter..! 

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