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  1. I put it all back together and put an 82 jet in which i think is still a bit big but its better Im just testing it. I left it idling for about 20 minutes and it was completely fine I couldnt test it because it was snowy and icy but going to test ride tomorrow ill tell you what happens.
  2. It’s an airsal kit but before that it had the stock one on i think it might be cold seizing which is where the piston expands quicker than the cylinder when you don’t let it warm up enough and when you put loads on the coolant is still keeping the cylinder cooler then the piston expands and seizes in
  3. I didn't realy want to do the crankshaft because you gotta split the engine. The crankshaft is all moving smoothly. When I was going to put the new kit in I took the variator and everything off and I took the reed valves off and could see the crank shaft and bottom of piston and I could move the crankshaft round about a cm from each side or something and the piston wouldnt move so the crankshaft was all fine and everything it was very smooth the piston wouldn't move though
  4. The old piston and cylinder look fine no scratches or marks you wouldn’t even think that it could’ve seized It has a new good brand 70cc sport cylinder in it and on first test ride that heat seized Had new Reed valves as old ones were quite worn out. Had new cylinder, cylinder head, piston all that. New intake manifold. New air filter(and box). New spark plug. Fresh 2 stroke oil. New jet. Does anyone know what could be causing it to heat up to much
  5. At the start of summer my friend bought a Yamaha Aerox for £600 and it worked pretty much fine but 2 weeks after riding it, it wouldn't start. I do motor mechanics on cars and I've fixed lots of broken mopeds in the past. After it broke down he threw the air filter away and said 'It's f*cked'. I recently bought it off him for £90 and spent ages getting it started then the kick stand went through the new air box I had just bought so I asked him and he said that happened to him as well so that is why it broke down because it got all wet. I got a sports exhaust and it was running fine i got it
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