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XV1100 Mikunioz twin TM38 Conversion

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Just had the Mikuni TM38 kit fitted and am delighted with the results. Only had a short run home but the low speed running is transformed.

The kit worked out around £450 with import duty. Looking forward to a trying them out on a good long run😀

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Good news!

You mention giving the tank a flush out. Did you fit an inline fuel filter

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Just to update everyone - unfortunately I can no longer recommend these carbs. Problems started after around 6 months with the front cylinder over fuelling, then eventually the rear.

I got a recommended workshop to take a look, they were unable to get it running properly with these carbs - initially they seems over jetted for the bike. Biting the bullet they decided to rebuild and refit the standard carbs. These had several problems, including the sliders being fitted the wrong way round.  
They gave the ignition system a good check over and found no problems there.
Apparently it’s running like a sewing machine now😀 I’m getting it back tomorrow - really looking forward to getting out for a run. 

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