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The missus wants some space


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Hi guys not been on in a while. Unfortunately I am forced to sell my pride and joys due to the wife saying she wants some space. Unfortunately irreconcilable now. Currently living in mum and dad's conservatory in Heald Green. Anyways my xt600 dt175mx and cb750 k8 are all planted on ebay at the moment as I don't have the room. Am OK. Gutted to list them but need to downsize. Many thanks for all your help. Regards Simon 

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Thanks Drewps. Not sure if I get a flat that the landlord would be happy with them in the lounge 😂 

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So sorry to hear your news Simon, a real bugger when these thigs happen. Only time will make it seem better but for now you have to live through the hard part. Just think when it's all sorted you can now buy the bike you really want without needing to ask permission from anyone and fuck the landlord he wants your money so as long as the rent is paid most will turn a blind eye to the odd 999 Ducati in the living room! Take care mate, we are always here if you need a shoulder to cry on or just to take the piss if needed. :)

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Ha ha Cheers slice. Just buried my head in work and doing jobs at mum and dad's house for my keep as the gift of time is more valuable than money. Got the wife a golf R August last year for a surprise 50th. managed to get it back off her as I told her the finance company wants it back and were not happy about the registered keeper not living at marital home.so got a driver to pick up the car from her place of work. So all my vehicle assets 6 in total at 30kish are safe at least. Phew. 

I want to be a pillion passenger! 

Oh when I tried to woo her back through the front door letterbox her mate called the police got put in a police car not arrested. They asked is there somewhere you can stay tonight eg mum and dad's? Not going there as dad's had a quad heart bypass and if I turn up in this police car he may have a heart attack. Police were quite supportive and I rang a mate and he goes come round we are having a party playing guitar in the back garden. I asked the policeman is it OK if I pick up some cans to bring with me which he agreed to. So turned up in a police car at the party with a case of beers. I was the coolest guy at the party. Very rock and roll! 

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