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my first new post saying hi

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Hi folks this is my first time on here,a little about me.

I have got a zxr750 zxr400 both matching black purple pink colours,only bought them because the price for such has come down to bargain basement level-both on L reg's

Also got a Mint Triumph Daytona 1200k in yellow which i have had on off for 5 years and thats my baby.

finally got a 160 Norton dominator in cafe form.#

So why are you on here then i hear - well ive just bought the RD200dx in restored form from ebay and also showing on autotrader,i had one of these when i was 17 and the altenator was knacked so after a charge i only got about 30 miles before it packed up-a bit like todays battery cars?

Well it was a wreck in white with microns so relieving the past.

Finally a pw80 why i don't know.....

Anyway after a rd500lc have viewed 3,, 2 were ready only for the brave restorator and the other at £7k has aftermarket fibreglass panels,if anyones selling theirs let me know have £6-10 k for the rifgt bike obviously it must have the rifgt history right body work etc etc

once again HI

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Welcome blip" good little bike the RD200, in orange [ 1976/77] model, electic start too, My mate has A RD500lc ,,, restored, looks great , he was thinkn of selling,,, i will mention it, keep you posted, ;)

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