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Another new member!

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Hello there!

My name is Harry, I'm 16 and live in East Sussex. I've been interested in motorbikes for a while, and am rebuilding some engines with my Dad. I'm pretty confident on a bike although I don't actually OWN a Yamaha yet, but hold your horses. I turn 17 on the 18th of September, and am looking at investing in a Yamaha Dragstar XVS 125.

I've done extensive research on the Dragstar, and have found it tops out at 60MPH-70MPH, I’ve also heard that it's a very reliable bike and has a good economy. I love the fact that it's a V-Twin, the bike also engineered with heart, and looks and sounds fantastic!

There's just a few things I could do with an array of opinions on..

So I will be using the bike to commute no further than 30 or 40 miles from my house, as I'm only 16 and don't need to travel far. I'll be going to college in September which is 5 or 6 miles north of me, so the bike would be handy for that. I wouldn't be taking the bike on many A roads, and even less, motorways.

The only thing that strikes me as a potential problem is the top speed of the bike, which is a little low for a 125. It is a cruiser I know, and is heavy, but I'm not quite sure what to focus on, looks/comfort + reliability or Speed? I'm not sure if I’d need to go much faster than 60 but it'd be nice to be able to open it out and go that quick when needs be.

Anyways this is a bit of an essay for my first post!

Thanks alot,

The forum looks great and I look forward to being more involved in it!



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Afternoon Harry and welcome to the forum. I only joined about three weeks ago and it's a great place to hang out and exchange ideas so you should have fun.

It sounds like you've researched your bike really well so I wouldn't really worry about the top end too much. You've got as bulletproof engine and a damned comfy bike (from what I've been told)so I'd be more than happy with 60 at the top end. I know what you mean about wanting to open it up a little but on your commute back and forth you'll be more than happy with that speed when you get out there having fun.

My 125 at 17 had a top end of 45 - 50mph depending on the tail wind and I travelled 1000's on miles on it (probably a couple of 1000 but it felt like more) and I was more than happy at that speed. Mind you a lot of that was due to the fact that my previous bike, my MBX 50, was flat out at 33mph so at 45mph I felt like a tarmac god ripping up the roads!!!!

Have fun and enjoy riding round the road cones on your CBT and don't forget to smile when they give you that yellow bib to wear on your lessons!!! :lol::lol:


PS I too enjoy a good essay and a waffle

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hi harry and welcome to the forum :)

i like the idea of the dragster as they look quite cool

and to be honest if its quoted as 60 or 70 tops then i know id be more than happy with that

i also do a 6 mile commute to work and my sr125 only gets about 45-50 or a bit more if i get my head down but in fairness its

all thats needed on the road that i travel and beleive me i have been complainig alot about the speed up until recently and the main point i hear from friends is its a small bike and to stop moaning lol

but anyways good luck with everything buddy and welcome once again


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