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    new dog

    I've been looking at this for a few days now ..... still can't think of anything witty to write I am so out of touch with this forum
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    Morning Mall I can't lend anything useful to headsets I'm afraid but I use a Viper RS-V131 helmet and I can honestly say I've never had any trouble whatsoever. The stand by time and talk times are brilliant and whoever I'm talking to says it's crystal clear. I got a cracking deal on it earlier on this year as it was on sale from £149 to £110 with free delivery. Hope this helps
  3. Best of luck, you'll be up and running in no time now you're on here
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    He didn't even seem to be going that fast! Still, ouch
  5. Oh how well you know me in such a short space of time
  6. Aye being absent from the forums for a while,theres a few projects I've fallen behind on including yours so I think I'm going to catch up on the lot at the weekend and start from the beginning. And don't worry about the disc cover!!! You don't have to justify where you got your new one from!!!! You sold me one you had lying around last August-ish as it was the final piece to my DT. In fact, because of your disc cover, I had to buy new forks as the previous owners had ground the bloody lugs off the forks so I had nowhere to attach it to!! Never mind, it's all great fun isn't it
  7. >where an eager young police woman in her Ford Fiesta Christ, I'd have been too horny to think! Girlie cops still have that effect on me Trust me, when you looked like me in the early 90's, feeling horny would have been wasted!!!
  8. Ya cheeky bugger!!!! I had tonnes of emails (well, three) asking when I was going to be back on as my stories and ramblings were missed!!! Feelings officially hurt (Not)
  9. Blimey Andy, I'd not read you project for a while and it was like reading War and Peace catching up! Far more interesting though Oh on another note regarding the disc cover, you didn't sell me the best one you had did ya you bugger!!!!!!
  10. Well I've to admit I've been quite lucky with the old boys in blue since the days of my provisional back in 89. MInd you, the only thing they were going to hassle me for was how slow my 50 went!!! 45 minutes one day to do a 15 mile journey cos the bloody wind was against me. I didn't care, my bike had fancy bits on it like a locking petrol cap and alloy wheels Funny thing was, I plodded around on L plates for two years (back when the days were simple with licences) and I never heard a peep from the police. I passed my car test and was able to take off the L plate off my 50cc (I never did understand that rule). Hopped onto a DT 125, L plate back on and happy days. Decided to take my test in 91 (can I be sad here and say exactly what date I took the test?? Nah, better not) and bam, within a fortnight, pulled over because "I was a big lad who looked liked he had borrowed his mates bike" His words exactly, I have a great memory. I wasn't doing anything wrong but he saw something that he deemed suspicious and acted upon it. Anyway, he knew I was being genuine so it was just a case of produce my documents within seven days. Didn't stop me shaking like a leaf at being stopped, I was Mr Squeaky clean, Mr Wouldn't-say-boo-to-a-goose, I was ridiculed at school for years at how squeaky I was! I knew I was going to get pulled that day as I saw the bike speed up behind me and in my rear view mirror I could see his 'tache, next thing nip round and wave his hand for me to stop. No need for sirens or lights, he sensed I was a wimp. Within a week, said police bike is in my rear view mirror again, there's that bloody 'tache poking out just over the bottom of his lid, there he goes round me, arm waved, over we go. Fortunately he remembered me and why he pulled me in the first place and he went on chatting about bikes and road safety. Only thing was, back in 91, I wasn't into bikes as such as they were just a means of getting to my part time job and college and I also couldn't stop staring at two things. Firstly, his moustache was magnificent. Not in a gay way, but you've got to remember that the 80's weren't far behind and Magnum P.I. was fresh in peoples minds. Oh yes, I wanted to grow a tache when I could. At that moment in time I had some wispy strands on my top lip so that level of bushy stardom was many a year away. Second big distraction was the flip front helmet. What an invention, why don't they make these available to the general public? I wore glasses in those days so what a blessing a flip front would have been. I say glasses but back then it was more like a prescription windscreen for your face as you didn't exactly have the choice of designer frames there are now. My lens thickness was the thickness of someone who had a corrective heel for club foot. The choice was "tit" or "geek". I always went geek, seemed cooler for some reason. Anyway we said our farewells and he advised me to carry my license with me in case other officers stopped me so that was three things to remember when leaving the house. 1 - £2.00 emergency petrol money, 2 - 10p emergency phone call money and now my license. Fortunately, I was only stopped once after that and it wasn't even Tom Selleck that did it. Bizarrely, when I had my L plates on, the Dt carried many an appropriate thing. I've had golf clubs down the front and rear of my Belstaff jacket for Christmas presents. I've had an empty plastic five gallong drum flapping on the back of my rack for my Dad. He was into home brew and I washed up in a restaurant. Snooker cues width ways on the rear, you name it, the DT hauled it about. Never stopped once. Go figure Fast forward many a year when I'm now discovering the fun of four strokes and a CBR 400 graces my garage. well, my parent's garage. It's been sat a while so I've given it a good charge and decide to take it for a spin around the town centre as nothing else was interesting that night. First set of lights and I've got a pr1ck up my backside in a Sierra Cosworth. Each set of lights up my backside beckoning me on. If I could have signed "yes I know they're called baby blades but I bought it because it has a large petrol tank and all my work gear fits into the tank bag, thats why I ride it" I would have. Needless to say I couldn't. Mr Squeaky Clean shot off from the lights leaving Mr Cossie in the distance, hitting around 45 before changing to 2nd. Mr Squeaky became Mr Smug. But Mr Smug, in his haste, had just done 45 ........ in a 30 zone ........... passed the Lancaster Police Station ........... where an eager young police woman in her Ford Fiesta had spotted him. Mr Smug stomach sank when the whole of the high street lit up with blue lights on the other side of the town centre. Bugger I said to myself, still clinging to some pride that it had taken a 1.3 petrol Fiesta two thirds of the town centre to catch me. Oh how quick the pride disappeared, along with my manliness. Even my rugged goatee which was now proudly on my face couldn't stop the image in my head on kneeling down and clawing at her trouser leg beggin "don't book me, don't book me" as my Dad had a clean licence and this would have been a slur on the family name. It wasn't just me who was squeaky, we all were. To me surprise, she got out of the car with a bit of a grin on her face and her question was "do you know why I stopped you?" Now I'm a sarcastic chap and quite shy so I always use humour to get me through situations. I didn't think it was appropriate this time. I told her the truth that all I wanted was a nice casual ride to put a bit of zing back into the battery and this git had been goading me all this time. Said tit casually drove passed me at this point and I think he was practising for a coffee advert as he was shaking his hand in a funny way out of the window as he passed me. She then asked me if I knew what the speed limit was around twon and didn't care about Said Tit. DO I KNOW?? How dare she, doesn't she know that Mr Squeaky is also Mr Highway Code and I dare say my knowledge was better than hers (probably). Much like the sarcastic humour, I kept that to myself. Then to my surprise, she said "slow it down, I've booked too many bikers lately." I was gob smacked, how nice of her. It was only in later life that I learnt that unless theres two officers in the car of the car is fitted with video equipment, they can't do squat. Needless to say, it did teach me about controlling my speed, especially when passing police stations. So nothing has happened to me in 15 years now despite the fact that I now ride as fast as the road will allow or as fast as the car in front. I'm well aware that if I do get pulled, my fault, no one to blame but I will say this about another 15 years of biking, it has taught me to have eyes in the back of my head
  11. Afternoon Andy Damn good to be back to be honest. I have been checking in from week to week but not signing in just to see how everyone was getting on. I got to the point where I felt I had nothing to contribute if I didn't have a bike on the go! I certainly like the idea of trying out the YPVS so a later DT is definately on the short list. Never thought about the TZR but that's definately rattling around in there now! I've been keeping an eye on some RD 350's and by God they do go for some daft money. My only fear with that sort of project would be that for me to get it so cheap it would have to be a complete stinker and to see any decent end result I'd have to get into the obessive world that Nev introduced me too but I don't think the old skill levels are up to that yet. It's only been a couple of hours since I posted and I've got some great ideas now thanks to you lot. Ee by eck lads, it's reet grand to be back
  12. Indeed you did tread carefully there and I think you got away with it!!!! To be honest, I was kinda interested in one of the earlier DT's, somewhere late 70's ish and that was one of the few ideas I had for myself before running back to you lot!!!! Also considered a 175 or the ever decreasing in numbers rare-asrocking-horse-poo DT200. All this talk is just getting the juices going again, takes me back to last summer and that bird cacking on my head!
  13. Well thats a big old beastie! It's on the short list, thanks for the link
  14. Morning all. Hope you are all keeping well. It's been a good couple of months since my last post as all the responsible grown up things like gardens, wall building etc have got in the way of fun things like motorbikes! Well, I think I have bought myself sometime from wifey and it's that time of the year when I'm looking for my next project, only thing is, I haven't got a clue so I'm looking to all you knowledgable chaps (and chapesses) for a shove in the right direction. Anybody who followed my tarting up of my trusty DT last year will know that I joined the forum as a bit of a laugh and I kind of got engrossed in the whole Yamaha scene and I put far more work into the DT than I ever thought possible. Needless to say that she has now been relocated froom the outside plastic greenhouse to the garage next to my main bike. The MOT has run out at the mo but I've had eye surgery recently so both bikes ran out at similar times and I was advised not ride for at least a week to a fortnight. Well the main bike flew through the test on Saturday so I just want to track down a nice set of 80's mirrors for the DT and that'll be the MOT sorted for that. I know I don't need the mirrors but I'm a bit of a big girl's blouse and I'm more comfortable riding with them. Anyway, I digress. (Come on admit it, you've all missed me waffling on haven't you???) The question is what bike do I go for next? Remember, my skills are only average and my budget isn't huge! I really enjoyed the DT and found my way around that okay with the help of a Haynes manual and a helluva lot of advice off here so I'm not against another one of those. I loved the simplicity of the 125 engine so I've been looking at RD's but they are commanding daft money and I'm after something a bit skanky to tinker with. I'm not against anything larger than a 125 but it does help to keep the cost down. LIke the DT, my plan was to get as much tax on it as possible when I first get my hands on it then register it in my wifes name so I can then ride it off my own insurance until the bikes finished and then swap it over to me. I know it add's an owner to the log book but with the age of the bike I'm looking at, another owner isn't going to hurt it! I've really enjoyed some of the bobber projects on here but I don't want to go too far as my tool range isn't that great but I'm hoping to invest in a good welder and compressor this year so a bit of hammering, welding and filling won't be out of the question. So you you have it peeps, I'm a blank page and would love to hear some advice what this novice (but enthusiastic) should do next. Looking at a max spend of £1000 on the bike so please enlighten me
  15. Afternoon Chippy Yeah bang some photos on buddy, let's see the old girl as you go along
  16. Methinks that £50 investment could be a drop in the ocean by the time you are finished! Best of luck
  17. Just tuned back into your thread after being away from the forum for a couple of months and as many others have mentioned, gutted for you. I was looking forward to seeing a complete bike with all those shiny parts but as usual the pen pushers of the world are holding you up. Chin up and keep fighting
  18. Super Moto???? I bloody knew you couldn't leave that bike alone!!!!!!!!
  19. I've not checked in on Farmer County Choppers since November and boy you've been busy! Looks great, probably sounds great too but I've no speakers on my work PC D'oh
  20. Yeah it's going to annoy me enough to eventually re spray it properly. Mind you, I think I'll rack up some dirty miles on it first though. Even bought myself one of those little suction helmet camera mounts for when I start mucking about. Be down your neck of the woods later on in the year, prop late sept/early oct. The April/May holiday we always head North. MInd you, that'll be depending on fuel prices!!!!
  21. Every sympathy with you buddy. I dropped a Pan European doing a crawly U turn in the middle of nowhere in Scotland. The bugger was full of fuel as well but had no choice but to go for it as there was nothing as far as the eye could see. Every vain in my neck stuck out for a week but I did it. The old shark fins protectors did their job, not a mark on it anywhere. Never dropped my Wing though, guess someone had eaten their spinach that day to pick that up
  22. Hi Mat Have a butchers at Nev's thread in the projects as he's got an absolutely idiot proof wiring diagram. I know it's idiot proof, it worked for me
  23. Is great guns really a phrase or did I make that up on the spot Anyway, glad you're having fun with all things lethal!
  24. Morning all Just a quick few lines to catch up with you lot. I think it was towards the end of November when I last posted so I would imagine that a lot of you will be cringing now knowing that I have a couple of months worth of blah blah to bang on about but sadly, no. Nothing to exciting to report really. The usual slowed me down from posting and keeping up with everybody's projects. Christmas, work, etc etc. You know the score. I have kept dropping in from time to time seeing how everyone was but just from google so I have been around, just not putting any of my ramblings on the screen As for my trusty DT, she's well and currently in a slow charge due to lack of activity over the past few months. To be honest, she's been in the garage in bits again due to an ongoing petrol leak that I just couldn't get on top of. Long story short, fixed it at the weekend with some super duper petrol resistant rubber. I made a up a couple of gaskets and within 30 mins no more leaks. If anybody is experiencing the same sort of issues, drop me a line for this miracle product. I need about two square inches but the minimum order was two square METRES so if you need some, I'm here MInd you, the petrol leak was the least of the DT's worries. Remember that really bad wind we had before Christmas? Well I'd bought one of the larger plastic greenhouses for the back garden so the DT could have her own personal space. Apparently she didn't get on the with Goldwing in the garage as, in her opinion, bikes shouldn't have that much plastic on them with a great big clear wardrobe door at the front. Her words, not mine. Anyway, the greenhouse was weighed down well at each corner with some patio flags as I didn't want it floating away with my pride and joy in it like a scene out of the Wizard of Oz. What I didn't factor in was the constant rocking of the thing, quite agressively from side to side. After one of my daily checks to make sure everything was okay, I noticed some white powder on the floor by the front wheel. As I looked closer, there was some red powder as well. The naive part of me thought it was just something that could have perished in the cold weather, the realistic part of me knew it was going to be nasty. It couldn't have been worse (it could obviously but I like to dramatise). The red and white powder were what remained of my once colourful front mudguard. The plastic shelf in the greenhouse had been rubbing on the mudguard overnight becuase of the high winds rocking it side to side. Rubbed down to the original plastic. I was gutted. Nevermind I thought. I enjoyed the experience of the spraying and preparing the first time. The second time I would be a little better (probably). Worse things happen at sea, write it off to experience. At least it can't get any worse. FATAL ............. LAST ................ WORDS................. A couple of days had passed and I was checking in on the old girl again to make sure everything was okay. The shelf had been removed so no more rubbing of the paint. Check. Patio flags still securing the greenhouse at each corner. Check. Overwhelming smell of petrol even in an outdoors greenhouse. Check. What? Who? How???? The leak had returned, big time. Again, no biggie. Its December now and let's face it, she's not going anywhere until the weather improves and that isn't going to be anytime soon. Off with the rad cover, seat and tank screw. Tank drained and laid safely to rest in the garage. Meh, that can wait a while, no rush. Insert nagging from wife about smell of petrol in the garage floating up into the lounge!!! Yeah you could smell it, but from a male point of view, it's not unpleasant is it? It's like the smell of a two stroke. It's a blokey thing isn't it? Right. A few layers of shrink wrap on the tank to protect it and I'm afraid you're relagated to the greenhouse. You know, the greenhouse that has served me so well so far and not caused me any problems whatsoever <insert sarcastic comment here>. The next day I did my little scout outside to make sure everything was okay and obviously it wasn't. The wind had rocked everything a little, but just enough to move the tank slightly and just enough to allow what little bit of petrol was left in to leak out and get trapped between the tank and the shrink wrap. Despited some frantic unwrapping like an over anxious five year old on Christmas morning, it was too late, the damage was done. The petrol had eaten into all of my top coats and undercoats revealing primer all along one edge. Where it hadn't gone all the way through, it's left a very creased effect in what was once a bright shiny diamond white tank with freshly laid decals. Gutted was not the word I would have used. The swear box that day overflowed and paid entirely for Christmas 2011 with a lot left over for a couple of good holidays in 2012. Even my wife said that I enjoyed doing it the first time so just strip it again, respray and put new decals on. "Just" she said "just". I know she didn't know how many hours of blood sweat and tears I put into that tank so I think she was kinda feeling guilty for kicking the tank out of the garage in the first place and giving me her "blessing" to spend more money on a bike she hates was a way of easing her guilt! Anyway, to be honest, Christmas came and went, my job changed at work and both bikes took a back burner so to speak (not to mention, this forum). After fixing the petrol leak with the miracle rubber last weekend, I have kind of accepted the tanks new rugged looks and I think I'll leave it. It looks, well, rugged. There was a danger last year that the old girl was looking a little too good to be used on the roads again, let alone the beach which really was my sole intention of getting the bike in the first place. I'll be honest though, the mudguard is annoying me but rather than a complete respray, I think I'll just be doing some nice touching up to fill in the gaps. My wife even bought me book on spraying and pinstriping for Christmas. I quite like this new guilty version wife. I bet I can mile this for a while. "Guilty wife" lasted until about the 4th of Jan and "old wife" returned asking me when I was going to get rid of the bike as I hadn't ridden it yet! Ho hum, it was nice while it lasted. So thats pretty much me up to speed. If anyone would like to see the pics of the various damages, I'll post some over the weekend. It might even brighten your day when you realise things could be worse. Much worse. You could have bought a greenhouse for your bike So to summise, I hope you're all well and your projects are going great guns and I vow to do better with my forum activity from now on.
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