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    ex Yamaha 2004 Aerox 100 owner new owner 2014 Gilera runner 125 ST

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  1. cheers guys im good mervin im now a gilera runner owner had my piaggio typhoon written off was in a crash in december.
  2. hey guys, thought i would pop over to say hi to the family not been on here in ages ever since i was no longer a yamaha owner, hope your all well.
  3. convoy location : Mcdonalds 157 Colindeep Lane London NW9 6DB (meet at 8am for McDs breakfast) destination : Ace Corner North Circular Road, London NW10 7UD ( event starts 9am smell of 2 stroke in the air) finish the day back at : Mcondalds 157 Colindeep Lane London NW9 6DB ( get back to Mcdonalds by 2pm for hot drinks and Mcds dinner) who is up for convoying to 2 stroke blue haze event at ace cafe this sunday 6th november 2011 9am start?
  4. hey all as the weather is colder now im planning on getting us all to do a pub meet in hertfordshire area , who is up for it? the details are below, i will also ask scooter world forum and scooter scene forum to tag along aswell hopefully get a good responce back from us and them so we can have a big gathering. date : 15th october 2011 saturday time : 12pm onwards location :Ye Olde Greene Manne, Batchworth Heath, Hertfordshire, WD3 1QB
  5. kishan

    sad day today :(

    change of plan to above ive been told changing the airfilter will make the piaggio engine run rough so wont be doing that and been told changing the rollers wont make it any faster so thats a waste of time
  6. kishan

    sad day today :(

    Plans: fit LED blue side light bulbs in headlight fit performance H8 headlight bulbs that is brighter than 35W change tax disc holder to a carbon pattern tax disc holder
  7. it aint the gov or the police its the EU so take your issues up with the EU . the polices hands are tied if it comes into play as they dont have a say whether they wanna use it or not the gov tell the police what they can and cant do in the world of policing. one thing that ticks me off is people blaiming police for stuff like this police are robots and have no say over things like this.
  8. welcome tell us more about yourself before you seek help from members on here.
  9. welcome tell us more about yourself other than does anyone have a service manual blah blah blah
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