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  1. Foamy-GET OUT !! straight noo !!, whit that wee kundo dayin in here as a MOD , am tellin 'THE GORFFF' !
  2. Foamy-whit ye oan aboot ? WTF is completely going on in here, where is Drewpy and Gorrrff ?
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cl2D7J_FL_U
  4. Thank you one and all for your messages of condolence, your a phenomonal bunch of dudes (channel 4 would have a field day ) , big (wee) Kev my heart goes out to you and your kin, some of you will have lost a parent (maybe both) already-all they need to know is that they taught you how to fledge, if you managed that then they done their job well, they eventualy leave that nest for a faraway place, we eventualy follow-and find our own way home.
  5. Forking hell m8 that looks like the 'dawgz peripheries' and sounds mean as fukk, lol, great build Drew you've put some work into that
  6. You need an account (free) with photobucket, there are other online photo uploaders I just cant think of the other names at the minute
  7. Well, what can I say Davie-probably lots, but I know you'll feel bad enough Drewpy will post you one of his Brian Blessed alarm clocks
  8. Great to see most of the gang are still here and a lot of new patients too, this place never stops growing, Alexasigno is gonna have to build a bigger ward !
  9. Thanks m8y yep I'm ok, well ok'ish lol
  10. Welcome to the 'ward' Jimmy-that face is gonna fit right in, see you've met some of the inmates
  11. Not completely lol who's got the keys for the medicine cabinet ?
  12. The only time I've felt 'banged up' is in here wi you lot - fukin mental hospital
  13. Lol, loonies the lotta ya-who's 'Beanz' ? anyhoo, its been a year with a lot of changes and some difficult stuff too, new job, cabinetry and woodwork has kept me well busy, and after a battle with cancer my wee Mum passed away, I've been away from the puter a lot so have lost track with whats going on in here and elsewhere, not gonna be 'on' as often as before but will make the effort to pop in to the 'ward' now and again-many thanks to those that have sent messages, e mails and tried to phone, its heart warming to know others show care and concern when one of the flock goes awol-you lot are just the best bunch of 'crazies' I've had the pleasure of knowing-stay free, stay hungry and keep it mental
  14. What the bloody hell has been going on in here then, I turn my back for a wee while and some of you lot seem to be getting worse, I left charge of the 'medications cabinet' to someone else who has clearly neglected that duty and allowed this place to turn into an asylum in my absynth-I see Drewpy has gone completely christmas crackers WTF ??? NURSE
  15. Your user name appears at the bottom of the main page -even if your not signed in ?, I've noticed this a couple of times Alex, site looks good BTW
  16. Welcome Dave to the 'ward' , great intro and what a great opportunity to relive the bust knuckles, head scratching, shouting and swearing all over again how far back did you own it?
  17. Welcome to the nuthoose Jimbo , nice intro, you haven't been playing 'security guard wrestling' at Glesgy airport have you ? TOKNABOOT
  18. Welcome to the nuthoose Fourduce -nice intro
  19. Nice wee pony Jeddy-look after her and she'll look after you
  20. Welcome to the 'ward' Meatman
  21. Cant vouch for this guys work-cos never seen it in the flesh, send him a PM and ask for a sample ?
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