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Private number plates, what are they like.


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I dont find myself pretentious enough or even have enough spare cash to have a 'cherished' number plate, each to their own though, however I think that some thought should be put into buying one, I've seen plates like B19 ED1E (big Eddie I presume) then watched as some wee 5'8" nyaff steps out of the car,

here are another couple of examples from my locale that make me LOL, and no these are not made up !

T4 JUR, from a short distance this looks like TAJUR (the Scots equivelant of TODGER !)

D14 REA, (Diahorrea?)


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there used to be a car running around ayrshire years ago with HAG 61S (haggis), i think it was its original number.

others ive seen around glasgow M1 NCE (mince)and CAB 1T on a hackney.

a nieghbour of mine bought an escort van with JKE 11Y, his name was john kelly, but i think he had a problem swaping it over as it was classed as a commercial.

another was J111 MYO, put a black screw between the second and third 1, and one at the bottom right of the O, his name was jimmy quinn from beith.

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I had a personel number plate on an old Cavalier, the only thing is I had to change my name by deed poll to B319 UUR

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A few years back a neighbour of mine had this on a BMUU - > 113 ONK,

The gap between the 1 and the 3 was closed so it read 1 BONK

The DVLA cancelled it after complaints by the police... :lol:

A guy I know has one --> x1 LEG. (it's not really x, but I'm not going to advertise it here) They call him Stumpy for a good reason!

I have to confess, my missis has one on here car, her initials and a short number. I never understood why she wanted it though.... :unsure:

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