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    Hello there me ol muckers..... I beleive you need me/miss/me/want to feed me biccies......well according to a couple of very lovely members anywhoooo lol Am back......for good now So....whats happening out there in Yam Land?
  2. Goff

    Van required

    Its a.....dare i say it.... Honda V4
  3. Goff

    Van required

    Hey folks Does anyone have a van or trailer that could help us transport a motorcycle from Runcorn to Oldham this weekend. All expenses paid. Many thanks peeps x
  4. Goff

    Cafe Racer

    Hubby thought it was ace!
  5. Goff

    We got married!

    Last Sunday - 31st October - we got married! We had the most fantastic day ever - everyone got into the swing of things and all our guests dressed up in our theme. We had a brilliant bad too who also joined in! Here's some piccies of me and my new hubby Mark and some of our guests. Enjoy!
  6. Nahhhh, i wont regret it and i wont be sorry. I WILL be getting another bike, but it kills me to see it sat there for more than half the year not being ridden. Not the bikes fault, its a beut, but with uni and my new job, i just can get to ride it as much as it should be ridden. I dont mind having an old classic that we can chop to feck over the winter, but a new bike like this deserves to be ridden and admored, not locked away.
  7. Im selling my beloved XVS 950. Im selling her because i just don't get enough time to ride her and cannot justify having such a new bike sat in the garage. Do not fear - i shall be getting somethin else..... just a little bit older. So here goes: 2009 reg in Black only 1 lady owner (ME) Just under 1300 miles Immaculate condition Listed on ebay HERE
  8. Goff

    black spiders

    Saw them live last year at Manchester Academy - they were BRILLIANT - redneck rock - get in!!
  9. She's on a dry mix daily, 1000mg evening primrose oil twice a day, a raw egg 3 times a week and charcoal biccies cos she dont half fart lol. The primrose oil is cos she has the canine form of hayfever and this stops her itching and snuffling. She also has oily fish every now and then lol she's a big softy really! She's more likely to lick you to death than anything else
  10. Goff

    black spiders

    And THAT is how rock and metal should be... none of this emo shite thats being played to death! FABULOUS! Maybe you will appreciate this Drewps:
  11. Goff

    Hey hey hey!!!

    No getting shut of me lol Ill always be around honey Miss this place too much, just been uber busy you know, but had a couple of loverlee messages from members while i been away. Im feelin the love in this place
  12. Goff

    sh1t happens

    F'kin ell mate thats bollox. So sorry to hear this, and i hope you manage to get something sorted
  13. Oh my word they are BEEEEYOOOOTIFUL!!! My Dolcie has grown up now - she's doubled her weight in a little less than 12 months. She's a reet thievin git though.... unless its nailed down.... its hers
  14. A bikes a bike - end of. I had a 650 - till i upgraded to the 950.... incidentally - what does your boyfriend ride?
  15. Goff


    Thanks folks. Its taken me six loooooong years to get here but i've finally done it And yes... if you lose a limb or need a spinal brace.... im yer gal lol
  16. Goff


    I've only gone and passed my fookin degree!!! Im now a fully qualified, fully certified Prosthetist/Orthotist! And i have a job too! Drinks are on me for the next month!!
  17. Goff

    Hey hey hey!!!

    Thank you peeps. I see the sigs have gone massively huge in my absence....mentioning *cough* no *cough* names DREWPY
  18. I've just signed up.... looks like a lot of fun!
  19. Goff

    New Member

    Welcome to the forum honey
  20. Goff

    Hey hey hey!!!

    Thanks guys. Sorry i couldnt make the meet we had to go darn sarf to finalise some stuff with my brothers for my forthcoming nuptuals. But i shall be around a bit more now so hopefully will make it to some more meets x
  21. Goff

    Hey hey hey!!!

    Helllooooooooooo you orrible lot! Firstly thank ewe to those of you who have sent me messages asking where ive gone lol - im fine thanks just been REALLY busy Im about to take my final exams on wednesday, and ive also been offered a job pending the passing of said degree so im working really hard atm. Been on placement for 6 months hence my absence. My wedding is happening in 7 weeks too so been busy trying to juggle that! Im still the proud owner of my loverleeee XVS950, but he's been a tad neglected of late due to above commitments, but hope to have that addressed int he next few weeks! Hope ya all ok and have been behaving yerselves. Mush love Goffster x
  22. As the title says.... Sorry i have not been about much lately - had a set of final exams last friday and ive been mega busy with uni work and planning my forthcoming nuptuals. Hope y'all been behaving yerselves
  23. Actually - its not as severe for bikers as it it for car drivers. Most police forces are aware that many bikers keep their tax discs under their seats to avoid getting them nicked while parked up. They also know that on some motorcycles there literally is NOWHERE to display a disc, so the courts tend to be a little more lenient. With ANPR technology the likelihood of you getting a tug for not displaying one is minimal - but it depends on whether or not your bike gets spotted while you are parked up. And if its in the post it doesnt matter = FAILING TO DISPLAY is an offence in itself.
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