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  1. Hi Tuscan.... Wow! small world really. I have a screen to fit that bike.............
  2. I thought it,,,, but I'm still under a sentence with no hope of parole......... Early release is very expensive
  3. Sorry,, ^that^ means nothing to me, you need someone with a TomTom although towards the end,, I see voices.....
  4. Test - Simples. It's an investment in your future. That will soon pass....... You'll get better, honest There are a good few SuperMotards about now, and with a restricted licence the 600 range is excellent as you don't loose too much of the power. My favourite SM is Dorsoduro.. But it's a bit of an animal and like other Italian bikes can be a little, erm,,, interesting! The XT660X would be a good move for you too, rides like the 125 but with more smiles-per-mile than the others. Of course there is the Austrian stuff, but I won't mention anything Orange here... The Dora (Triumph Explorer) would be a bike to stay clear of for a few years. They are a big lump to haul around and a different riding attitude, the 800 Tiger's are much more flexible (ahem!), like this one: or, you might consider something that rides great on the twisty roads, is a good commuter, has a massive tank range, can tour or take on the rough roads => Once you pass your test,, the world is there for the taking, You choice of bike becomes less important as to what you want to do with it, choose a bike that does everything you want and you'll get more out of biking (a bike just becomes a tool to see the world). I hope this has been of some help to you, if not, no worries, even bad advice is still useful.
  5. It's horses and courses. If you want a simple to use, get me from A to B on roads, then the TameTom is a good piece of kit. It's a great entry level navigation tool that's easy to use. If you want to setup your own route, plan on a PC with detailed mapping/TOPO, add in stop offs, have an accurate estimate of journey time/distance, ride on roads that are not in the mapping, ride off-piste, plan visits by Lat/Long co-ords or any other mapping protocol, track and record your journey or upload the trip for others to follow then you need a Garmin. I've used the Rider2 against a Zumo500 for many things - The TT is the best GIU, but the Zumo has a better range of features, has better base maps and a more accurate receiver. However you do pay for this, it's double the cost of a Rider2. If you ride roads, and just want to get somewhere (and as long as the software knows the place you are going) the Rider2 is a good investment. If you are a little more adventurous - Garmin. As I say, horses and courses, but I've never seen a traveller (the sort who country hops, overland) use a TomTom, but I've seen Garmins in use all over the world.. I must apologise though, been back five minutes and I've taken a thread totally
  6. Going to Kendal today..... it's like the badlands! The Tiger is more for 2up travel, the Tenere is still the solo bike, and there are some thoughts in the pipeline for Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Maybe take the Tiger for a Battlefield Tour in the spring to give it a shakedown. Africa has always been in my sights, but to be honest it's just a bit to unpredictable at the moment, blimey I considered Syria 18 months ago!! The world is a little too unstable to plan anything too far in the future, and when you have other commitments it makes long distance stuff very difficult.
  7. Well, Triumph claim they don't do such a thing,, but I can tell you the bike I rode home was not the same bike I took in, some 2 hours before ! Running IN,,yes Apparently so. With that warranty thing for 2 years, it won't be my problem
  8. out of the box new.... Had her 500 mile first service today, the one where Triumph don't replace the 'running on' ECU map with a proper one
  9. HELLO !!!! Been away for a while, so here I am again, saying hello. Still got the trusty Tenere, still riding her in lots of rough and dirty place, but alas the TT600RE has a new owner, or at least once the bikes gets to ,,,, New Zealand !!! A couple of weeks ago I picked up another bike to replace the TT600RE, a Triumph Tiger 800xc, and here she is: She's not as good as the Tenere in the twisty narrow lanes of the Lakes, and can't touch the Tenere on dirt, but Mrs GULG will be happier to sit on the back of the Tiger.
  10. Not so sure about the 'smart',,,, The answer is yes,, and no Yes it might work for a while, or forever. No, because it is illegal. End users never own any software, they own a license to use it, one license.... so give it to someone else and they could take you to court. In 25 years in IT, I cannot recall a single individual being perused for such an offence But to be honest, if it works, and you don't connect your GPS to the web (or via your PC to the web) then no-one will find out
  11. Why thank you.... or do you mean modifications !
  12. The HT lead sucks on these bikes...... check both ends are firmly connected and not loose. That happens on mine now and then, but it does live in a wet place,, with lots of mud and crap !
  13. It was a great weekend, very few cages around, but then it's normally like that up there. If anyone hasn't been, the Pass of the Cattle that takes you to Applecross is the highest road in the UK. It is the true home of the dualsports bike, I've been up it dozens of times and I've never been beaten by anything with more than 2 pistons......
  14. some more picts... Just thought you might like to see where we were....
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