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  1. Goff

    Where's JimR?

    Yeah, i was thinking we hadn't seen him around for a while. Hope he is OK
  2. If you have something to say, then please.... say it. If my post bores you and you cannot think of a more intelligent reply than a tiny emoticon then i suggest you don't bother.... makes you look like a fuckin retard...... Are you suddenly middle aged????? I love you.... Spot on there honey Have you crossed the threshold into manhood now honey?
  3. Just goes to show - if you dont get a refund, dont drop your claim just cos the SAY they will refund...... get yer refund THEN drop it cos they never do
  4. The advertisements are too in yer face Their sig images are FAR TOO FUKIN BIG!! (ad you know how i feel about those!)they take over the bloody screen! And their avatars are massive too - looks like its been set up by kids who like to type "pwned" a lot ill stay where i am thanks cos i luvs ya all That site wont last long because of the way they have gone about begging for members.... you can guarantee someone will register just to wreck it..... or even hack it..... definately rubbed folk up the wrong way with that.....not a smart move really
  5. I doubt it - one has an 110/18 tyre and one has a 130/16 so the brackets will be different
  6. It has been dealt with I had the same one asking me to be a moderator! Had he approached admin and asked if he could make a post about his site then there would have been no prolem, but PM'ing members is a big no no
  7. Send me whats left...... i'll add them to my collection.......
  8. Hard day honey....... kinda takes it out of me a bit.....
  9. I just searched for stalling and got plenty of posts. Now if you would like to tell me in a concise and literate manner what exactly it is you are looking for i might be able to help you... shouting that the search facility "sucks" followed by a post that makes very little sense doesn't help whatsoever...............
  10. You can behave yerself too......
  11. Goff

    What other Hobbies

    Very impressive indeedy honey! As for relocating for that scenery Vic - cant ya hear the sound of duelling banjos in the distance............
  12. And i made out that i had never done anything stupid did i?? Nope... i didn't think so I've done lots of stupid things, but putting my hands near a moving chain then posting the results on the internet is not one of them.... how the hell do you expect people to react??? It was stupid and he knows it... end of. And as you quoted ONLY me (although i do believe several others said a similar thing) i am assuming your "full of shit" and rarely gets out of bed" remark was aimed at me Dont pick a fucking fight with me pal.... its not a good idea
  13. Goff

    We have chooks!

    You lot tell the worst jokes - i was was expecting them though She is shit scared of them. She was quaking when she was near the hen house lol. I think they could hold their own though
  14. Goff


    You need one of THESE
  15. Goff

    We have chooks!

    We have been to collect our chickens today Yep - real live ones Here's a couple of piccies of them - we have named them Elvira, Mina and Lilith
  16. Goff

    dog shit

    Some folk are jus plain STUPID I'd have followed her and smeared the rest on her car/house - then shouted "bet you cant stand in it now yo obnoxious old bat!" We were out the other night with our bully, and there was a couple with a little fluffy puppy thing in which our Dolcie was playing with, when the woman pipes up "what is THAT dog" us: "English Bull Terrier" her: "oh right - they scare me they do" - and promptly dragged off fuffy puppy in the opposite direction! How can you be scared of this:
  17. Goff


    Im famous Betcha cant guess why though.......
  18. Goff

    What other Hobbies

    Not for everyone. Depends on how you would describe "way of life" Good for you...
  19. Goff

    What other Hobbies

    I keep Tarantulas. Havent got any pics on this puter i dont think, but i'll have a mooch see if i can find some.
  20. WTF Is wrong with people???? You DO NOT clean a chain with your bike running in fuckin gear!! Chains were used to kill folk in times gone by so a running chain is gonna do a lot of damage to yer hands (as shown in the link!) Sprockets have TEETH.................TEETH....................Thats TEETH TEETH BITE FFS its just plain LAZY - what a fuckwit Get a fuckin shaft drive.......in fact....stay away from motorcycles altogether, and get something that you cannot do yourself any damage with...... like crayons.....
  21. Sounds like you're having a blast honey - but i miss ya! Fekkin top man! Thats dedication for ya The country is a lot safer in your hands if yer willing to do 75 miles in 2 hours on a DT50 everyday!! Where's yer next long ride to? Iraq??
  22. Its terrible. Just remember though when you are riding in a foreign country - take extra EXTRA care - a simple mistake like this can cost dearly as has been shown today. Thoughts to their families.
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