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  1. Dont try to take the side panel off without the actual ignition key cos the small inside bit thats inside will brake off and yoo cant fix that bit cos its a wee bit of plastic that brakes off, thats how I broke the won on my last bike and that was a xs1100
  2. Hi, yes the xjs900 is comon for the petrol too run out have you cheked it for petrol ?
  3. yuo forgot its also Ellmets birthday to jammer happy birthday ellmet, i see you lik trantulers i like them to i would like to give you one for yuor birthday
  4. i have toled the comunity oficer i think i know wo it is
  5. can you wood sell withot washing the seet
  6. yes champain i like to Ogelitonbike
  7. Hi this i s like a mustash i might gro http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbYtqAWDF2U helloooooo cynyc I saw you on the sqires videos
  8. beng a bit shy i was at sqires to, i was standing next to blackhat and olgitonabike blackhat looked nise in his siut i sayed hi to barkwinjamer and got a picture of blackhat to, it was a nice campsite to
  9. and ther on rong side of th road idits ! they shold be put in jale
  10. can you just use a close horse, I live in a flat with my mum, then grees it ?
  11. wot kind of yoor fish ?
  12. chocolatestarfish


    http://www.yamahaclub.com/forums/index.php?app=members&module=messaging&section=view&do=showConversation&topicID=22469 yea thaks Kishan
  13. if enybody lik nachure and wood like a pet like me then i can giv you one my mum dosnt no that emily has babies but i need to giv them away heer is a pichur thayr free and i can post them
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