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  1. Hi folks, Update time. Its taken a while but i've now got pretty much all the bits i needed for my project (plus some bits i didnt need ) The tank i had sourced was too badly damaged, i wasnt happy with it so I got another one. I got time on saturday to remove all the plastics and replace the tank. Fresh tank of fuel & bang - it fired! It was still on the old plugs as it needs a peculiar size plug socket (now ordered) so I'm hoping it'll start and run smoothly on the new plugs. Disassembly so far has, as expected, uncovered a few gremlins. Lots of silicone pumped around connections on the voltage regulator & a splattering of exhaust putty on the silencer. But i'll get that sorted. Updated pics from saturday:- Interestingly, I checked out the bodywork manufacturers website (K-Conversions) & spotted a used bike they have for sale. Identical to my bike, except their paintwork is in good shape. Scary thing is their price - $4995 !! Next step is plug change, then oil & filter change. Finish realigning the fairings then begin the disassembly process. I'll try my besy to keep this thread updated when i can.
  2. Reminds me of my favourite- Roses are red Violets are blue I'm shit at poetry Nice tits.
  3. Agreed, very kind. Thanks James.
  4. Been plundering through eBay looking for parts for my project. Spotted some nice delkevic footrests, was about to click the Buy-It-Now when I noticed his shipping cost of £5.95 was mainland UK only. Shipping to NI was gonna be £19.99!! What a rip off. I've posted much bigger items (like plastics off Juniors PW50) from here to mainland, 1st class recorded for £5. I actually contacted the seller to ask how he justified his costs, got a reply today after a week - telling me not to contact him again!!! Lol Rant over, normal service will now continue
  5. Thanks! Trying to be sensible & do any fabrication etc now instead of later. But it's still so tempting...
  6. Update number 1! Have ordered a pro-bolt screen kit plus a full stainless nut/bolt/washer kit for pretty much the whole bike. Obviously not gonna replace everything but they're always handy to have. Gonna resist the tear-it-apart temptation, bought some Muc-Off & degreaser, and a vast array of brushes. Gonna scrub as it sits and make/modify the fairing brackets etc where necessary now before I dismantle.
  7. Prob need to ask one of the moderators. I'm sure one will be along shortly....
  8. Looks good Pat! And to think the poor wee bike was nearly going to the skip...
  9. It's been a year already?? Holy sh*t!! Lol
  10. Thanks! I really like those colours, think they'll suit shape of the bike with the different seat etc. Can't wait to start breakin it down
  11. As promised, project thread has been started. Sorry if i waffle on a bit!!
  12. Welcome! Good luck with the FZR, had a few of them & willing to help in any way i can! Great cheap runaround, lots of fun too.
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