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  1. Hi all, had my R1 for a year now and it's due a MOT and want to get her serviced at the same time, so can anyone recommend a good garage to get it done. Reason for asking is that I took my Thundercat to a place in Plymouth end of last year for a major service and it's not run the same since they had it. I've even had to go back there twice because it was missing and kept on dying at the lights.
  2. Hi All My wife is currently out in Afghan, and her Thundercat has been sat in our garage for nearly 3 months now and she's due for her 2 weeks leave. We put the Thundercat up on padock stands disconnected the battery. And most days when I'm in the garage getting my bike out I spin the wheels around a couple of times. The question is, is there anything else I should do to her before she gets home, as the first thing she'll want to do as soon as she lands is to go for a ride. I cant that it out on the road as I'm still on L plates, but I got my mod 1 booked for this week. Cheers
  3. Hi all just got my first bike and was looking forward to a days riding. Only one probelem, got to dealers this morning only to find the tax disc hadn't arrive from their other place. They told me its will be OK to ride as if you get stopped the Police can see on their ANPR syetem that the bike's insured and taxed and tell them it's in the post to my house. Just got home to find its not here either, so question is can I ride without the disc on display? Thanks Colin
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