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  1. Do you use the choke to start it? That could be why.. Check your jets in your carb, and after getting new pistons you shouldnt be driving it on..
  2. The so called "Plastic thing" Is 4 screws to get off, And yes, It makes your life alot easier anyway. A spanner does the trick for me anyway
  3. This happened to me too on my 50cc aerox.. Just clean your jets in your carb and clean the whole carb inside out. Make sure its all put back together right tho, Check your reed valve too..
  4. Sorry for the second post, But theres a wire going into the head next to the spark plug for the thermostat. Make sure thats connected, Im 16 myself and built my bike.. I know alot about aerox's. Tell your son to watch the thermostat at all times.. If it heats up stop the bike.. By the way your gonna loose all your water/coolant while taking out the water pump.. When your refilling it make sure the system has no air locks or you might as well have nothing to cool it down.
  5. Hey, I had this problem with my aerox at one stage.. DONT drive it till you fix it first of all.. Down where the water pump is theres 3 bolts(Allen key fixtures) Take them off.. Theres 3 small and 3 bigger.. Take the 6 of them off.. Take out the water pump and theres a tiny rubber seal, Go to any seal shop, Pick up a new one put everything back together and see what happens.. Thats what was wrong with my own one.. By the way make sure all the gaskets are there.. I had that problem at one stage too lol
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    What damage does that cause? My bikes 2000
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    Alright lads! My names is Kevin, nicknamed as Bunney as its my surname. I live in Cork City, Ireland. I'm 16.. I drive a Yamaha Aerox YQ50 not many of them where I live. It's white in colour, Since I bought it I had nothing but trouble. Heres a list of what I replaced since I bought it, Top end (Pistons,Rings,Head,Barrel and all gaaskets) Water pump and Flywheel. Brakes twice (Driving it a bit hard I think) Front Disc Drive Belt Clutch springs. I'm looking for a bit of information on my aerox, I want to tune it up for as cheap as possible, I heard something about taking out every second Roller? Also heard tighter springs for the clutch. I would consider myself as handy with mechanic's. Thought myself and never had a bother. If anyone could help me I would be very greatful. Also, My battery isn't charging properly, I checked the battery all is good, Checked the altenator, All looks good. Any other ideas. Bunney.
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