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    Target shooting.

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  1. That IS Kev riding pillion. I will ask Kev if hes going and no, hes not being pillion on my bike!
  2. Anything that hides your ugly mush can only benefit society! (You had to be 18 year old before you could look in Kevs pram!)
  3. Classis from someone who lives in Twatsville.
  4. 'Pull it apart' ? It would never run again.
  5. Well done but you will always be my big, stupid, ugly, mate. ATB J2
  6. Scientists have discovered a food that diminishes a woman's sex drive by 90%. It's called Wedding Cake.
  7. 'Two bloody hours' . . . . . . then her indoors switched the power on to the jet washer. ATB J2
  8. I'm sick of all these jokes about people from Bolton, they're the most nicest people in the world. Sorry, typo, I meant the 'most incest people in the world'. ATB J2
  9. Why does UP.YOURS have a lunch box with a see through lid? So he can tell if he's going to work or going home. ATB J2
  10. Big Kev went to the peados A.G.M. and after the meal they passed around the under 8's. ATB J2
  11. Big Kev (UP.YOURS) says he only has one regret about being a paedophile: He'll never know what a tit wank feels like. ATB J2
  12. Well you kept that one quiet. 49. Is that your I.Q. or your height in inches? I shall tell Christine and you will get the usual tongue tennis sloppy kiss. ATB J2
  13. As suggested by MERVIN take loads and loads of photos, drawings and notes as it may be weeks before your putting it back together. Wire or cable tie parts together. I use lots of those little plastic zip bags that you can write on and and put sub-assemblies into various boxes. Plastic boxes are pretty cheap and better than cardboard which soon rots. Good luck. ATB J2
  14. When's bedtime at Big Kevs house? When the big hand touches the little hand. ATB J2
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