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    Well know that i got my 1st motorbike


    computers, gaming, MTB and a few more
  1. will get a proper pic sometime in the next few days
  2. well that exhaust is now of and i got a nice carbon stubby on
  3. This is my new bike folks what do you think?
  4. got told about it on bcf mate! http://www.r6ers.co.uk/index.php
  5. ShoKz

    My 97 Thundercat

    nice one mate here is mine
  6. Hey folks.. well i have just traded in my thundercat for a 2000 reg r6 its a cracking bike! pick it up friday does anyone know if there is a r6 uk owners club? cheers davy
  7. ShoKz


    lucky sod! i wish i had one of them.. maybe one day
  8. ShoKz

    thundercat 600

    hey mate, i got a service manual in pdf format, if you want me to upload it for you?
  9. well the sun has finally came out in scotland Sorted the bike with some new tyres, and the diffrence is night and day ! Got a few goodies waiting to be put on aswell Went a run tonight here is some pics ( camera phone pics ! ) Not bad for a phone eh?
  10. thanks guys! Yes i was out blasting round the back roads on my new rubber then drinking lots of beer! Thanks for this thread
  11. Hey folks, i am looking to do some moddifications to my thundercat motor. I am wondering if the thundercat shares it engine with any other yamaha? i am sure it does, i just dont know what Any help/advice would be great. Thanks Davy
  12. Thanks folks! She is great to ride, for a 97 reg, the engine feels so tight and smooth. Very happy with her! Only downside is, i hate the tyres, not my cupa tea. Gona slap some dunlops on asap
  13. thanks for the kind words
  14. Here she is, my thundercat! Picked her up last night! according to the seller, this is her dirty! comments welcome
  15. i will going on the sunday this year! and i will be on my thundercat ! :D
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