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  1. I was given a YB100 years ago as part of a thanks for a fabricating job i done for a friend of mine, it stood in bits in his garage for years before he gave it to me, he says it is not stolen, he said he never registered it as it was in bits when he got it and meant to restore it but just never found the time, i have no documents, no number plates. BUT I DO HAVE THE FRAME AND ENGINE NUMBERS and was told it had 2 previous owners, can anyone help or advise me if i can track down its original number plate as i hope to re-register and restore it for my son, i have spoken to the DVLA, they told me i have to rebuild it first, photograph it and submit all the identification numbers i have, i am willing to do this but don't want to spend money on rebuilding it first if for some reason i cant register it, can someone advise me on what to do, IT IS NOT STOLEN as i am more than willing to submit the frame and engine numbers as that's all i have concerning the bikes I.D. Many thanks Mark (the Sparrow)
  2. Hi All, I'm Mark from Kent, i'm new on here so apologies up front if i post in the wrong place
  3. The Sparrow


    Sorry Airhead.. forgot my manners.. i'm from Kent, friends call me the sparrow.. and other things, no offence, was needed some advice
  4. Cheers for the advice.. i didn't think it was gonna be easy, its not stolen.. we don't think, my mate got it as part payment for some fabricating work, were want to restore & rebuild it,. kick off a few memories... but if we cant register we don't want to spend the money on it
  5. i have a mate who bought an early YB100, the person he bought it from only knows it had 2 previous owners, he wants to restore it, unfortunately he has no registration plate or registration documents, it is not stolen, he has the engine and chassis numbers, can someone advise me how i can re-register it so we can restore it and get it back on the road Many Thanks... Mark
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