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  1. hi fin tried heating but no joy flywheel really solid .looked at videos of taking of seems simple .cant think what I'm doing wrong thanks alan
  2. hi folks trying to pull of flywheel .got puller on but wont budge . any suggestions. ta alan
  3. hi folks Took off fuel pump 1992 virago 535 to test seems ok.when refitting lost the plot which was in and out .not paying attention.Help would be great Alan
  4. Hi folks having problems navigating site .Hope I'm on the right track now. Wonder if any of you folks can help with no spark. Ignition coils ok pickup coil ok.Power going into igniter unit but not coming out .friend of mine put signal to the out side of igniter and we got spark.not sure what that means.any help would be appreciated thanks alan
  5. hi my name is alan I have a virago 535 1992 new to forums and biking. I live in Edinburgh . hobbies Do a bit of gold panning in the burns up here had some success. Also like to fish for trout and salmon .
  6. hi folks never had a bike before.so at 69 I'm in.have a 535 virago 1992 non runner no spark at plugs Goldpanner111
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