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    you got directions to this site for recipe? i could be interested
  2. kenDAWG


    listening to pink floyd and puffin on them funny cigarettes... puff puff give- puff puff give lol would love to try the cider
  3. well the rule of thumb is stick to the snow where a car hasnt compacted it into a hard slippy surface which is between the 2 tracks... ill hit the snow on my dtr no bother but the ice around here is shocking. just had to throw table salt on my path so i could get my curry delivered!!
  4. WELCOME!! tidy looking little bike there, ive never really had a look at these ybr bikes i done my cbt on a yamaha sr125 and went for a dt125r and im enjoying it but i cant help but think people riding these ybr's and like 4 strokers are having a more relaxing and enjoyable ride out compared to me on my dt. ken
  5. you all make me feel like a puff!!! i live in a small country town and when its cold its bad, to a point our car cannot be put on the drive because none of our street gets grited and its full of hills, most cars abandoned on the side of the main road while people walk 20 mins to there houses because they cant get up the street "its a feckin joke" - my girlfriends granny has just slipped over on the ice and broke her hip so she is in the rvi having a hip replacement as i type this.... most of my friends have road legal quads and 4x4's ken
  6. Mine is away now, SORN as of today!! Come out of the yard yesterday to find myself nearly loosing control on ice I thought its not worth it although when snow is on the ground I think I might have a little blast along the street!!! It's the black ice man it's mental!!
  7. kenDAWG

    So dam true!

    SIZE DOESNT MATTER!! *all my previous girlfriends*
  8. kenDAWG

    So dam true!

    "I AM THE ONE AND ONLY" *chesney hawkes*
  9. kenDAWG


    I got good results with the stout but larger all 3 times was utter shite! Got to remember everyone tastes are different, you find the ale which doesn't need to much in the way of fizz gets good reviews like the stout! Maybe you should post up what sort of stuff you like to drink!
  10. kenDAWG


    ive done it! the best results i got where from stout but thats not every ones cup of tea but i liked it if your after a decent larger or anything with some fizz you wont get the desired results unless you invest in some kit that can inject co2 into the liquid, these screw on co2 bottles pressurise the barrel but dont inject it into the beer. ive gone the keg and bottle route and ive never been able to produce a larger with a decent taste and a decent fizz so all in all its rubbish unless you invest in some proper kit or your happy drinking flat beer or stout, i know 2 other people who bought the same kit as me and they both dont do it anymore. i tried the better quality sugar and yeast also using heater belts to regulate brewing temp, putting the extra brewing sugar in bottles to try and give it some fizz i was looking into getting the whole pressurised system with the co2 bottle and inline cooler with a bar pump - keeping all the barrels and co2 bottles in the shed running a line into the house where the bar pump would be but to be honest your looking at spending a decent wedge £500+ on kit. its one of them hobbys where you go whole hog or dont bother, wine i do belive is a different matter and alot of experimenting in flavours can be acheived, ive done some rose wine for my girlfriend and she drank them bottles quicker than the local tramp knocking back cider you will get pissed no doubt but i rather drink for taste hence the reason i dont do it anymore cheers ken
  11. hello there! wish i had bikes as a young lad unfortunatly my mother was very against them so at the age of 30 i got my first bike, easyer and quicker to learn when your young just wish my mother wasnt such a narrow minded bint
  12. i get nodded at on my dt all the time i nodded at a kid on a moped then realised my mistake and gave him the middle finger, no chance of him catching me lol... mine is parked up as of tomorrow, i locked up on the way back from work today even with brand new semi offroad tyres on costing a small fortune - no tyre can conquer the mighty black ice at 6am trust me
  13. my dt125 r is running to the redline following all these steps so im happy however i would like to point out that people should also check the sprocket ratios on there bike. mine pulls away like an animal but tops out at 60mph at the redline so im looking at a new sprocket set (original sizes) cheers ken
  14. yeh its an r - 2003 i put down in my sig 2004 by mistake
  15. i cant wait to get my dt125r green laining, putting it off road in next 3 days - sorn over christmas then the rebuild will comence! new cylinder resleave, mitaka piston kit, athena gasket kit, full sevice, new small LED endicators, new lowrise handle bars, new carbon fiber reeds, heidenau semi offroad tyres and a few other bits and bobs. there is 4 of us i have my dt and the rest have road legal quad bikes 2 x 350cc's and 1 x 250cc 4 strokers hopefully they will be following me but who knows its all goo fun ken
  16. ttr's are 4 stroke and see so is the bigbore kit.... not sure if it will fit your bike though ken
  17. i havent bought it, he was supposed to be borrowing my trailor to pick it up but he used someone else's so i havent seen it yet! im not sure about this now as he let slip that he found dog biscuits behind some plastics so it sounds like mice have been using it as home the thick twat didnt realise what they where off until i said it could be mice storing food lol. im still interested but i'll be knocking the price down a little me thinks ken
  18. yeh the chinese are well known for there terrible metal (cheese)... most of our metal we recycle to the scrap yards get melted and sent to china so god knows what there doing with it there end i think there mixing it in with cheese strings
  19. i do belive we all learn the hard way dont we lol!! still see people riding around on them chinese road legal quads - wouldnt dare, not on the road
  20. welcome!! i have also been taken in by the chinese rubbish also - best one i can remeber was the exhaust bolts on exhaust coming loose and the burning hot exhaust down comer pipe flicking up at my face was a solid pipe from the exhaust port along to the end can which slotted on.... my firends said i had the look of pure sock in my eyes like walking into your parents bedroom and finding them dressed up in gimpsuits getting jiggy with it ken
  21. kenDAWG


    i do belive he has retired again? he will turn to drugs again unless he can get himself into something else to do with boxing
  22. i got that effect when i used petrol proof laquer then sprayed over the top with black when i never got the laquer right didnt realise it would go all cracked... you could spray with a bright orange then laquer then black so all the cracks would be a different colour - now that would look different ken
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