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  1. needs a career change..

  2. I share your pain luckily I don't have many large hills , I have considered doing it although my mate has done it and made the same complaints am just gonna have to put up till I get a bigger engined bike
  3. probably the maddest person to ever work in accounts :-P

  4. Good bike reliable would recommend the Michelin tires stock tires not the grippyest other than that GD bike
  5. done 70 miles n back to south coast on me lil ybr today

  6. Hi I'm a new member 19 from west london called Darren , nick name D J learning the ropes on a ybr and soon hopefully be bigger things, which I'd of just done it earlier tbh but money matters stopped me. Now for me fill llicence and the dreams of a bigger bike
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