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  1. Aye good idea... Ill have to get my theory done then wait until weather is a little warmer get it booked up so I can get me a decent 4 stroke trail bike. Cheers Ken
  2. I think a call to my local training Center Is in order
  3. Cheers for that, it's just with the A2 for some reason the age was 19-23 just come across as a age bracket and not a minimum age! I have been trawling the Internet and I was getting all pissed off with the different information I was picking up. The restriction bhp and also power to weight ratios etc!! Was just getting stressed sometimes you cannot see what is in front of you, I apologise dirtyDT Cheers Ken
  4. So what's my options? By the looks of it it's full license for me
  5. Still don't know what is a2, is that on the 400cc bike? I'm only looking to be able to ride a 250-300cc bike so I'm not interested in the full license yet you see-these big bikes don't really interest me Ken
  6. So with me being 31 my only option is to go for the full license?
  7. Everything is worth shopping around for even down to your mobile phone contract. At the end of the day you don't have to go with anyone and you will chose the cheapest best option available and they know this. Ken
  8. What is the next step for me though? I don't understand it used to be mod1 and 2 what the hell is a2??? I'm 31yrs old so I just want to know the next step then ill have to look at what I can ride to see if its viable. Cheers Ken
  9. hello people after a few months on my dt ive decided i would like to step up to the next level, fancy a decent 250-300 4 stroke. now i have no idea what the next test is or what its called so is there any chance someone can fill me in, ive been online searching but im getting a mixture of what used to be and whats now (as the teste have changed) so everything is unclear and a little blured.... can you give me info on what the test involves on what bike and also what i would be able to ride afterwards? thanx lads ken
  10. unfortunatly for the 125 4 strokes the lack of guts shows on hills, thats why i got rid of my honda xlr 125 too many hills where i live so i bought the dt even in its restricted state would pull better then the xlr. restricted 125's are gutless but atleast you havent got one of the cbr125's or like bikes that look fast but have the same hp so you look fast but go slow lol ken
  11. 2 will be water pipes, mine has them on my cylinder head - one comes from the thermostat an elbow on the side and the other comes from its own feed on the head so im guessing one is flow and one is return....
  12. kenDAWG

    Stolen Bikes

    hope them bikes didnt have too much damage on them, would hate to think some spotty retard raging my bike about then dumping it - i would take pleasure in bursting all the spots with my fist on there little greasy faces ken
  13. not original but http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bike-It-Mini-Indicators-Short-Stem-In-Black-With-Clear-Lens-Pair-/221045128080?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item337750fb90 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bike-It-Mini-Indicators-Black-Body-Short-Stem-Smoked-Lens-/180993633960?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item2a240faea8
  14. ive got these on my dtr http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bike-It-Mini-Indicators-Short-Stem-In-Black-With-Clear-Lens-Pair-/221045128080?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item337750fb90 they do them in short stem, long stem with clear or smoke colour lenses,very bright and decent quality - no need for new indicator realay or resistors ken
  15. hello im after a decent condition iphone either unlocked or on 3 network, nothing older than 3gs... cheers ken
  16. yes it does get a little embarrasing, however i have just done a rebuild with carbon reeds and upped a tooth on the front sprocket she now sits nice @60mph no redline, if i come to a hill drop the gear give it some beans and she will pull up no bother. i am now happy cheers ken
  17. ive left the keys in gone shopping, ive tried to ride away with lock on the rear sprocket nearly snapping the chain, ive crashed into a hedge, ive lost it on a couple of bends, kicking it over outside the busy shpp for 10 mins to realise i hadnt turned the ignition on "COCK" ive done shit loads.... part of learning is it not? better than pulling out infront of people etc like the retards in them cars do to us ken
  18. i was looking into modifying a fuel sender into my tank going to look further into it im sure its possible but there are so many different types sizes depths etc.... at the present time i open the cap and look in but i want something i can look at without stopping the bike, i use alot more fuel when i head off green laining yes there is always the reserve also. ken
  19. im fine i kinda rode the bike 5 meters with my face in the hedge then ended up hanging off the bike in the middle of road just the normal comedy sketch stuff lol i have the catspaw tyre on the back but the front is naff so when i locked the rear i went for a little front braking but there was nothing there
  20. hello and welcome, get a build log up in here with pictures theres a few guys with the dt 175 (or owned one) its a good place in here cheers ken
  21. mine was put on the road the otherday, took her out last night for a couple of hours started to spit down with what looked like sleet and low and behold i locked up on a bend and ended up in a hedge bike not marked only my underpants..... i need a decent front tyre its absolute tosh
  22. i know when i had a weak-inconsistant spark on my honda it took me while to find it i replaced most parts from the pickup,coil,stator,regulator and numerous plugs turns out my cdi had died.. the man above seems to know his stuff about wr's so get amongst it ken
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