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  1. surly if you could only get 0.75l in then there should have been 0.25l still in there ? as when I did my oil it dose take a full 1L, or am I missing some thing here lol
  2. Funny enough I was going to as a similar question about the Virago 750 version lol
  3. paul-666


    I love tattoos I have about 700 quids worth of ink at the min and still loving it
  4. I'll go to the breakers yard tomorrow and ask there
  5. I need to fit a new speedo to my ybr can any speedometer be fitted ( universal one of ebay or similar )
  6. My oldest can't wait to go on the back of a bike its his mother that won't let him LOL
  7. It will be the left side as you can't put them in the right hand side as the air filter is in the way LOL
  8. I like the Fazer Its finding a naked one as I'm no fan of the half faired look but I'm still looking for summit cheap and reliable, It dosen't need to be the fastest 600-750 in the world but it dose have to clime big hills I was hell bent on a Bandit but there getting more dear the brighter the sun gets then I liked the Yamaha fzx 750 ( baby v max) but finding on that's no 250 mile away is a problem
  9. All noted and if I get stuck trying to fix them to my bike I can always ask lol
  10. that's a nice bike you have there a big jump up from the ybr
  11. so if I could buy a bike with them on already I'd be better off ?
  12. not a job for a noob then lol So if the thundercat has a crap gearbox what other bikes along the same lines do Yamaha do in a 600cc-750 cc that wont break the bank second hand as I'm only wanting to spend about £1500-£2000 for my first big bike
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