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  1. Sorry mate i wont drop the price.... most of the RXS parts are interchangeable between the years... there will be differences in certain parts of course
  2. i know John...i am seriously gutted and dont want to let it go but i cant think of another way out... Outgoings are nearly double what my incomings are and what i had put to one side has eventually whittled away and its gone now... if i dont get a job and quickly i am knackered
  3. Well due to circumstances beyond my control i have to let the littleun go to someone who will hopefully enjoy riding it. Its got tax and test until may and has an Allspeed exhaust slip on which sounds relaly nice. The seat has just recently been recovered and its a tidy little bike but not mint by any means.. Could do with a new battery soon and a general bit of TLC. SHe starts and runs lovely and can fairly steam along. The chain and rear sprocket could do with renewal at some stage as they are fairly old now.. Has a 17t front sprocket for better top end.. CLutch only done about 500 miles so plenty of life left in that. Will include the original silver outer casing as i replaced it with a black one awhile back. Looking for £500 ono
  4. shame mate.... I think the dates were arranged around other things... personally i think its too late in the year but its set now I hope you can make it but if not theres always next year pal
  5. SHame you cant make it John.... i have only done the one and i loved it... Being out with 100 other strokers was awesome... bring it on i say
  6. Agree with Blackhat... I had a 77 RS125DX and it had the same as yours... Firstly make sure all the bults are the correct wattage, it MUST have a good battery... The rectifier has possible cooked itself but they are cheap to replace.. I did all that with mine and it worked spot on after that
  7. Hi lads, another forum i am a member of is having a raffle to raise money for the Air ambulance.. The prize is a Suzuki TS100ER which will be restored... Basically i just want to ask if its ok if i post a thread up to advertise it
  8. Canny lad

    Stolen Bikes

    Just an update on this.... Both bikes were found... He got the 500LC back quickly as they dumped it when it ran out of fuel... The 350 power valve eventually turned up in someones garden... Chris was very lucky indeed especially getting the 500 back
  9. i packed in for 9 months and put 3 stone on.... wass a right chubby which i didnt like at all.... i caved in after 9 months through boredom... the only positive was i lost the 3 stone i put on in a very short space of time.... gonna try again shortly though with help from the docs
  10. sounds like crap has been dragged through from the tank into the carb... whip the carb off and give it a thorough clean including removing the jets... get yourself a tin fo carb cleaner and squirt the stuff in every hole etc to make sure theres no shite in there... once its spotless as is the case with my RXS it runs like a champ oh and make sure the fuel flow is reaching the carb properly
  11. i can vouch for this entirely as my RXS is constantly dragging crap from the tank and has the exact symptoms as yours.. on mine i simply remove fuel pipe from tap remembering to turn fuel off first of course, unscrew carb top and remove the cable with slider etc.. then slacken off the 2 clamps and rotate the carb in the rubbers.. float bowl screws out and using a can of carb cleaner or if i dont have any i unscrew the pilot and blow it through as well as the main jet.. once down and back together its 100%
  12. My RXS has no packing in it and it gets to redline easily... cant remember the size of the baffle screw but if i remember tomorrow i will whip it out of the standard pipe and measure it...
  13. John nee wonder yi get lost pal Blackpool is north west
  14. Alreet kidda... As John said i am just up the road in Gateshead... theres another whopper of a 2 stroke meet at squires in september... John never joined us on the rideout cos he is chicken lol... He bobbed along with a few other DT boys and still got lost... i sense a theme here John that your sense of direction is bollox mate
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