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  1. Thank you so much for the donation, Tommy! You guys are the best. [emoji18] You certainly should see me the weekend after. I’ve got the time off work. I’m basically trialling my dog this weekend I’m some new kennels. If he settles then he’ll be staying there for the YOC meet. That would be the only thing stopping me, as even though he loves motorbikes, he’s not so good at balancing on the pillion seat...
  2. You’re a legend, Drewps. Thanks for the donation! The weather isn’t behaving itself currently... I’m already preparing for a downpour in a hope I’ll be pleasantly surprised (or relieved?...)!
  3. That’s just wonderful, thanks so much Slice. Hope all is ok with your wife’s treatment.
  4. Hey guys, This weekend I’m taking part in the Iron Butt Association’s RBLR 1000 ride. It’s a charitable version of their SaddleSore 1000. Basically completing a 1000 ride within 24 hours. I’ll be camping at Squires on the Friday night then leaving bright and early Saturday morning. I’ve chosen the Northern Clockwise route (there are 6 to choose from). That’ll take me from Squires towards Manchester then North past Carlisle, Glasgow and Fort William before crossing over to Wick. I’ll then head back to Squires via Edinburgh and Newcastle. The charity in question is the Royal British Legion and I’ve been asked to raise just £50. I signed up to do this even very last minute and only created my Just Giving page last night. Please don’t feel obliged, but if you do wish to contribute any such amount for a worthy cause, you can do so here: http://www.justgiving.com/nina-rblr-2019. A few years ago I completed a SaddleSore 1000 and, physical bugbears aside, the biggest challenge was tiredness and boredom. Sadly to cover the distance you’re forced to use main roads and trust me - after 12 hours it becomes a mental struggle to stay focussed! I hadn’t planned on doing another one of these, purely because of the boredom, but it’s for charity and a good excuse to get out on the bike! Kind of wishing I hadn’t just our new tyres on my bike though...! Anyway, I’ll update back here once I’ve *hopefully* completed the ride.
  5. bippo

    Bike Transporters

    Looking forward to finding out what you’ve got, Jimmy...
  6. I managed to get the Friday off work. I just need to sort a kennel for the dog and then I’m all good. I’ll be camping - do I need to give them a buzz to book a spot, or is your tentative reservation enough? I’m back up in Glossop so will happily meet and convoy with anyone else travelling on the Friday? Glad the op is booked at least. It would be lovely to meet you in person, Slice - I’ve not had the honour [emoji846] but totally understand if you can’t make it!
  7. Welcome along. I started out in a YBR too before taking my DA. Good bikes [emoji846]
  8. Yay Drewps! I have today requested the 21st off - I’m sure it’ll be ok.
  9. Just bumping this thread... I’m going to sort my annual leave this week or next. Who’s looking at coming along, and is there a plan for the days?
  10. bippo

    New ride....

    Very nice! Always good to treat yourself - and a good choice! Maybe one day I’ll be back in the Triumph fold...
  11. Sorry to hear that Slice. Hope the treatment goes well for her.
  12. Thanks for sorting the accommodation. I’ll camp - what do I owe you? Don’t want you being out of pocket if you’ve put a deposit down. I still need to sort my time off work - and kennels for the dog, but should be fine! I’m so used to riding on my own (and much prefer it). I’ve never really got on with group riding but the times I have done it recently I’m happy / comfortable serving as tail-end Charlie. But I’ll work with whatever is best with the rest.
  13. bippo

    ABBA Superbike lift?

    Gosh, that’s something to look forward too!! Haha! [emoji23]
  14. bippo

    ABBA Superbike lift?

    Same as Finnerz - I know a lot of people who recommend them. I don’t think it’ll be a bad buy, Slice.
  15. bippo

    Anyone use a tail bag?

    If you like that style, maybe try Givi? I just Googled on my work laptop and saw model number ST607 which is a shell design. Looks quite big (tall) though.
  16. bippo

    Anyone use a tail bag?

    I think Kriega sell something which may work? Don’t know if they can be left on the bike (and if they could whether someone would want to pinch it?) If I do need additional storage then I just use a roll bag on the back, but as Blackie alluded to, depending on the bike / size of pack it can be an art getting on. I tend to mount my bike like you would a horse when it’s fully loaded. A tank bag has my essentials in for quick access, but I don’t need to remove mine during petrol stops.
  17. bippo

    Biker down course

    Been meaning to go on one of these, Drewpy - something for this year perhaps...
  18. bippo

    Ear protection

    I’ve got the C4. Certainly quieter than my old flip (Caberg) and more streamline - but never going to be as quiet as a non-flip. I tried on the cheaper C3 at the same time but opted for the other one because it actually felt more comfortable - plus I liked the fact the intercom wiring was all internal. Sizing between the two was different (for me anyway at least).
  19. Really sorry to hear that, Blackie...
  20. bippo

    Ear protection

    I never got on with those cheap foam ones. Have been using slightly more expensive, Alpine ones which are comfortable and good at dampening noise. Had them for years and have faired well. Earplugs are an odd one really - I love them on motorway trips and they genuinely help lessen fatigue on a long trip, but I don’t much enjoy them when paying for fuel or when I used to commute into central London as I felt one of my senses was missing. Anyway I’ve now stuck the largest, ugliest screen onto my already ugly BMW so that helps loads! Haha Oh and I found that different helmets make a big difference. When I upgraded I noticed a big reduction.
  21. bippo

    YOC Ride 3000

    Sounds good. This year I’ve signed up to get the list of destinations that the UK Iron Butt lot would have chosen from during a 48 hour rally last year. The destinations are all across the UK (about 90 in total) and the aim is to complete as many as possible throughout the year. I have to take a pic at each destination.
  22. Great, thanks for the update. I should be allowed to book my June annual leave soon enough.
  23. bippo

    Hi all

    Welcome, and Happy New Year!
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