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  1. Welcome along! You have just missed our forum meet-up (was in Wales). A great bunch of people with knowledge that amazes me. Maybe come along to the next one, eh [emoji846]
  2. Great stuff, Slice! Personally I love your expletive commentary - we need more of it! “Where the f&$% are we goin’?” Haha! I started sifting through my clips and will also pull something together when I am back home at the weekend.
  3. That road was amazing, although I had to really time my overtake because you’re a sucker for flooring it out of the bends...! I completely forgot to thank Cynic for serving as our ever patient fire starter and Drewps for some good cooking.
  4. I made it back home safely too. I had a thoroughly enjoyable time, can't believe 2016 would have been my last time out on one of these...! Anyway, thanks Merv for the planning (it was a fun ride) and supplying us with a BBQ. Thanks to Tommy for catching my bike (!! - I'm an idiot). Also thanks to Tommy and Drewps for the chaperoning home (hope you didn't mind me wizzing past you on those twisties, Tommy?) It was great seeing familiar faces again (Andrew, Jason, Tommy, Paul) and wonderful meeting new faces (Merv, Martin, Pat). I'd be up for meeting more regularly too. I'm away with work now, but will check through my footage and see if I captured anything good.
  5. You can have my details, Slice. I’ll message you. So glad you’re wife is doing well. My best friend is going through the same right now. Cancer it tough - particularly the treatment.
  6. I’ve managed to get my dog into kennels. Dropping him off on the Friday morning (11am) so I’ll leave after that. I’m currently in the process of drying out some very soggy camp gear...! The route sounds good. I’ve not ridden in Wales before (well once, a good while back but that doesn’t really count). I’m also up for a BBQ. Is there any chance of a gazebo somehow? I don’t own one but I have some tarp, poles and plenty of paracord which I could bring to try and fashion shelter if it does rain. Is that any help?
  7. Very cool, Jimmy. Glad you managed to get out! At times on Saturday the rainfall was epic in Scotland. I got caught going through Glasgow in a crazy downpour, it came down that quickly it had nowhere to go.
  8. Hey everyone, so I’m glad to report that I completed the ride and made it safely home without incident I started at 0510 and finished at 2445 on the Saturday. Overall I had a great time, it was my first time doing a group event like this (I’m a natural-born solo rider), and I wasn’t part of the BMW GS/GSA or K/R, big boys clan) but I did enjoy myself. Everyone was very welcoming and I had a good time on the Friday evening. It was a shame to see so few women (I counted two other riders and one pillion), but as is the nature of the game I guess. For the actual ride I went solo, leaving 10 minutes after the eager folk, but in reality at times I often found myself riding at the back of a group, or knowing that there were others close behind me. At every fuel stop I bumped into other riders. Iron Butt verified receipts and mileage upon arrival so I got handed my certificate straight away and they also had bacon butties and hot drinks on hand which was greatly received. After a chat, toilet break, dismantling my tent in the rain, fog and darkness, then trying to find a petrol station who was open in a place I’m unfamiliar with, I made it home around 0330 this morning. I’m glad I didn’t stay another night at Squires. The weather was less than desirable and I wanted my comfortable bed! I’ve had a good chat and only have a few minor aches which Mr. Ibuprofen has sorted. It was a very wet ride in places, and there was a lot of fog around, but since owning the bike I have made a few practical mods - higher seat, bigger screen, etc. which have helped in making it suited to long trips. I would have found the last leg (Berwick to Squires) difficult if I hadn’t of tagged onto the back of a couple of riders. My concentration was dwindling and thick fog required good attention. They kept a fast pace which I wouldn’t have done if I was on my own. Finally, I just wanted to thank you all again for your donations. I don’t know the total amount raised for the event (yet), but I have contributed over £160. I had originally asked for just £50 sponsorship so I’m very happy to have given more for a worthy cause! So thank you all again [emoji846]
  9. Welcome along - I’m in Derbyshire too (although currently in possession of a BMW... sorry everyone!)
  10. For those interested, you can track me: https://www.polarsteps.com/ninabippo/1845840-rblr1000-2019
  11. Well today is the day I’m heading off to Squires for my overnight camp. And surprise, surprise... it’s raining. I was hoping for a dry arrival at least so that I could start the day with dry kit, but that’s clearly not going to happen...! Checking the Saturday & Sunday forecast at each major city I’m passing by on the ride, and yep, you guessed it... rain!
  12. Welcome along! Where are you located?
  13. Just wanted to drop a “thanks” on here for Airheads very kind donation. I sent a text but am not sure whether you still have the same number after all this time... Anyway - if you read this (don’t see you in here much anymore), then THANK YOU! I like to be organised, so I’m already packed and ready for the off [emoji41]
  14. Thank you Jimmy - it means a lot! If I wasn’t on such a time constraint then I’d make the time to swing by and say hello to a fellow Triumph fan (ignoring the fact I’m currently on a Beemer...) *cough* *cough*
  15. Thank you so much for the donation, Tommy! You guys are the best. [emoji18] You certainly should see me the weekend after. I’ve got the time off work. I’m basically trialling my dog this weekend I’m some new kennels. If he settles then he’ll be staying there for the YOC meet. That would be the only thing stopping me, as even though he loves motorbikes, he’s not so good at balancing on the pillion seat...
  16. You’re a legend, Drewps. Thanks for the donation! The weather isn’t behaving itself currently... I’m already preparing for a downpour in a hope I’ll be pleasantly surprised (or relieved?...)!
  17. That’s just wonderful, thanks so much Slice. Hope all is ok with your wife’s treatment.
  18. Hey guys, This weekend I’m taking part in the Iron Butt Association’s RBLR 1000 ride. It’s a charitable version of their SaddleSore 1000. Basically completing a 1000 ride within 24 hours. I’ll be camping at Squires on the Friday night then leaving bright and early Saturday morning. I’ve chosen the Northern Clockwise route (there are 6 to choose from). That’ll take me from Squires towards Manchester then North past Carlisle, Glasgow and Fort William before crossing over to Wick. I’ll then head back to Squires via Edinburgh and Newcastle. The charity in question is the Royal British Legion and I’ve been asked to raise just £50. I signed up to do this even very last minute and only created my Just Giving page last night. Please don’t feel obliged, but if you do wish to contribute any such amount for a worthy cause, you can do so here: http://www.justgiving.com/nina-rblr-2019. A few years ago I completed a SaddleSore 1000 and, physical bugbears aside, the biggest challenge was tiredness and boredom. Sadly to cover the distance you’re forced to use main roads and trust me - after 12 hours it becomes a mental struggle to stay focussed! I hadn’t planned on doing another one of these, purely because of the boredom, but it’s for charity and a good excuse to get out on the bike! Kind of wishing I hadn’t just our new tyres on my bike though...! Anyway, I’ll update back here once I’ve *hopefully* completed the ride.
  19. bippo

    Bike Transporters

    Looking forward to finding out what you’ve got, Jimmy...
  20. I managed to get the Friday off work. I just need to sort a kennel for the dog and then I’m all good. I’ll be camping - do I need to give them a buzz to book a spot, or is your tentative reservation enough? I’m back up in Glossop so will happily meet and convoy with anyone else travelling on the Friday? Glad the op is booked at least. It would be lovely to meet you in person, Slice - I’ve not had the honour [emoji846] but totally understand if you can’t make it!
  21. Welcome along. I started out in a YBR too before taking my DA. Good bikes [emoji846]
  22. Yay Drewps! I have today requested the 21st off - I’m sure it’ll be ok.
  23. Just bumping this thread... I’m going to sort my annual leave this week or next. Who’s looking at coming along, and is there a plan for the days?
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