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  1. Hi, I've looked at the front sprocket and it looks worn. I'm going to replace the lot. There's a pickup sensor and castellated nut I'll have to remove to get at the sprocket, is this a simple remove and what is this nut torqued to when I put everything back together? Also, what is the torque setting for the sprocket nut?
  2. Everyone, i would like to thank the administrator for adding me to this group. There's nothing like like minded Yamaha owners to chat and ride out with. I hope to meet some of you in person at some point at a rally or local get together.
  3. Hi I have a tdm 900 (2005) , done 40k and looked after. It's recently developed a noise from the front sprocket, a rattle and grinding noise on overrun. I adjusted the chain which seemed to improve it slightly. I'm sure it could be a bearing on the output shaft. Any ideas or anyone suffered a similar fault?
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