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  1. New member here. Recently bought a BT1100, a superb bike. I also wanted something a bit different as a hack. While the BT1100 is a superb bike it's big and cumbersome below 5mph so not ideal for nipping into town. So, what did I buy? An XV535, another Yamaha, shaft drive V-Twin, air cooled carburettor breathing. Turned out to be a good choice. Easy to ride, easy to manhandle, comfy. It has a few problems which are being fixed. How different is that. Many years ago I also owned a 650cc XS2. A superb engine built like a brick outhouse in what must count as one of the worst frames in motorcycling history! Put it on it's centre stand and shout 'corner' at it and I'm sure it would fall over. Nevertheless, there's something about Yamahas that often seem 'different' which seems to set them apart from more 'ordinary' manufacturers.
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