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  1. On a flat with no wind mine does 70 -75mph, wheels aren't balanced and shakes so much it's not enjoyable.
  2. WTF! Lead free.... who would worry about lead poisoning?
  3. Happened to me the other day. I agree bippo ... something quirky.
  4. Signed. 13,094. Closing date; 20/11/2014...... c'mon peeps, get over there and do it!
  5. paulrever

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  6. Here is; http://www.mapservices.org/myguestmap/map/drewpy
  7. or try here; http://www.wemoto.com/parts/picture/ma-7085194/
  8. Information and education seem's to help for ALL road user's. Fatalities for N. Ireland in 2012 where 48, a figure which has been on the decline for the last few years. Incidently, of those 48 deaths........ 21 where driver's and 4 where motorcyclist's, seem's like the car's are quite a death trap! Not really, as we all know it's the person NOT in control of the vehicle. I react nicely if they acknowledge me with an apologetic wave, if they don't or even look at me as if I did wrong, then it's the old 'FUCK YOU'. Be safe and don't let things trouble your mind, you don't want to lose concentration over some stupid fuck.
  9. Some more on ethanol here;
  10. Nice Leo V, Mrweso. This is my GPR; Unlike the original exhaust, there's no hole for any water to run out. Is there one on your Leo? You'll notice my YBR has the Air Induction System with an extra pipe just before the can. No Cat in this one, so maybe doesnt create as much water? Although sometimes when revved hard, spits come from the seam at the bottom of the can. Just wondering if I should drill a hole in it.
  11. Yam dealer in Belfast i'll give a call. Very grateful DT, thank you, Sir
  12. Many thanks SpeedShop. Having got out again due to weather improving, you are absolutely right! The bike seemed to be O.K but........ New cap and HT then! Is copper HT the better option?
  13. 'HHO gas from water on the fly and injecting this gas under pressure into an engine either in the form of a generator or into a vehicle.' http://www.project.nsearch.com/profiles/blogs/free-energy-device-to-be-teste
  14. Nearly posted this in Random as it's quite a JOKE. I think the only one who's having a laugh is the seller. http://www.yamahamotorcyclespares.co.uk/spares/epc2.asp?ModelID=9102&pageID=27&m=YAMAHA+YBR125ED+REAR+WHEEL&uid=0 Part no.s; 27, 29 and 31, a bolt, nut and washer. Cost (excl VAT) = £1.22 GBP, go to check out.... VAT added to parts. Enter Norn Iron for shipping address, shipping cost = £13.?? GBP. Add VAT on parts again, aswell as VAT on the shipping, Grand Total = £17.?? GBP Shipping is Royal Mail 1st class. Delivered by Her Maj herself and includes a Knighthood, as if you'd beleive that! Anyway i'll sign orf now, all the best, Sir Paul.
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