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  1. beef your still here mate

  2. beef

    sneeking in

    cheers folks. he is nearly 6 month old and what with the diy i aint had any time at all. not had the computer set up in months until this week
  3. beef

    sneeking in

    just thought i would sneek in an say hi. been so busy last few months.... new job. house renovation and this....
  4. beef

    sayin hello again

    thanks guys. drewpy, no I didn't, have been doing other stuff and trying to sort out all the grief..
  5. beef

    sayin hello again

    hello. have been popping in and keeping an eye on things. not been up to much in way of bikes or life really. have had a few shite weeks so been head down sorta thing. but light at end of tunnel now.
  6. ow do dukilad, Oldham here... lived and worked in the hell that is Tameside for many years. roughly where are you then. near duki rugby club or more towards asda ashton or towards road and racing in hyde???
  7. using the vin number from another frame is a ringer and if the police stop you and figure it out its "good bye to your bike" they will take it and probably crush it. keep all receipts and when you get your new frame get the receipt for it as well, then get the sva done and you will get a Q plate reg. job done all legal and above board. even with the weld on hard tail I had it inspected but because I had used so much of the donor bike I was allowed to keep the reg, they used to use a points system for it, don't know if they still do.
  8. tried that no good, only way I could get a pic on was to post it using the link box and then delete a load of the bits around the image tag.
  9. beef

    xs250 rebuild

    been trying to update this but sites being an arse with links and stuff
  10. I am having issues with posting replies on here. I am unable to cut and paste. either from here or from other sites, like photobucket. it is also taking a while for the letters to appear after they have been typed.
  11. that is my old cb550/4 chopper depends what engine you want to use, something like a bandit then you can get a frame off hard up choppers. he does frames for other things also. but then your bike would not be a one off, as the frame is produced by them and there are a few out there. if you want some thing one off then get some one to make it to your design. haggis is up in kilwinning and then there is maz of maz chops down south. and then there are more in beteween. it does not say your location in your profile. so they are examples but if you want to get an idea of the things possible then go and have a look on britchopper.co.uk that is a forum mainly focusing on the chop and custom side of things. and has some seriously talented and well established builders on there.
  12. yeah no probs, just give us a shout when your ready. pretty sure you could do it with out me, having seen the tail tidy you have put on. have a look on you tube and see what you think, but the offer of help is there for you
  13. seen the pics of your bike on the other post, and your risers are just bolt in ones, so get which ever bars but with the right risers.
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