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  1. simple "if you havent earned it DONT wear it"
  2. i would say they both look good engine running ok but hey i'm no mechanic
  3. yea try an introduction you might get further
  4. ttask quoted this i do regularly and i've got a cop as a neighbour he has said to me about the pipes and my answer is always the MOT guy passed them his reply is nothing they can do then so as for cops pulling you over for "offensive" pipes first thing to ask them is "offensive"to who?? coz if you have them on and passed an MOT with them (regardless if they have an advisory] then there is NO legal action the police can take
  5. gizmo666

    Route 66

    good suntan cream so your bollocks dont burn and do it naked lol after all huge straight roads at times with nothing on them for miles why wouldnt you........................................
  6. me i do it coz i like the sound of the exhausts and i like pissin off the cage driver in front of me but it has no other benefits as far as i know lol
  7. as far as i know the 97 and 98 are exactly the same
  8. nah!! your not feeling the luv i'm thinking along the lines of solid ally wheels just not sure about exact sizes lol
  9. hey guys i'm considering new wheels for ma draggie 650 anyone got any idea's what would be a straight fit??
  10. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Road-Burner-Exhaust-Pipe-Yamaha-V-Star-1100-RB-015-4020-14-/121207292179?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item1c38848113 your pipes
  11. eazy sorry for the thread hijack has any of you guys slashcut a set of the original exhausts? i've got two set and i'm thinking of cutting a set i'm just wondering what they sound like and if its worth the hassle i know one of you guys will have already tried it lol
  12. DO NOT BUY i got them last july and they are knacked piss poor chrome quality and the feckin seller Gemini-exhausts are no longer in business so i cant get my cash back or get a replacement i'm atm waiting to hear back from pay-pal to see if theres anything they can do other names they go by are marmitta auspuf
  13. as has already been said xvs kicks the shit outa the 535 i've had the classic and the custom i personally find the custom a bit easier to handle than the classic and very marginally quicker than the classic(weight diff) theres a cracker for sale close to me got a lot on it for the money http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-Dragstar-650-Custom-1997-only-13500-miles-/141250815015?pt=UK_Motorcycles&hash=item20e3346427 imo you could ride this for a year and still get your money back easy
  14. how much did you pay for it?
  15. gizmo666

    Gearing Issues

    wd40 is a great friend
  16. keep the revs low and keep the bike clean servicing's done by the dealer so there's not much else you need to do
  17. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PAIR-OF-BLACK-MOTORCYCLE-MOTORBIKE-BIKE-MIRRORS-M10-10mm-CUSTOM-FLAME-TRIBAL-/400500425018?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item5d3faf813a i just fitted a pair of these
  18. cheapest i've seen is 299 going up to 400 best to look on flea bay or breakers
  19. nice looking ride look forward to seeing it when your done
  20. no studs well thats me fecked up then ma ride lol i quite like them myself but no tassles ever no
  21. haha we're not fucking about with them we just make them a bit more unique lol
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