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  1. Noise

    Project Jennifer

    Couldn't help it! they where too good to not put into my wish list. Looking at £1500 for the full 1000cc conversion kit plus high lift cams and other beefier bits to replace the old rotten stuff. Then i clicked on another section of the website and found EVEN MORE stuff, but then i had to go home and when i looked in the bank account it was time to do more over time
  2. Noise

    Project Jennifer

    Well after a sneaky look on the internet on my lunch break i can now inform you all that i am either going to be a single man or very poor by the end of this project. Just found a few websites selling some very nice shiny engine parts which will both make her look good and give her a fair few get up and go points too I have a few picks of the carbs that i will post up later tonight and they too are coming up lovely with shiny brass bits which look splendid.
  3. Noise


    No idea.what state she came from but i can ask the guy who.sold me the bike as he imports from the US all the time. I got to contact him anyway as he still ows me a mini drum brake to go on the front wheel.
  4. Noise


    That will be cool hun, if its too much of a red tape piss about don't worry as I'll just contact honda uk and see what they can do.
  5. Well, My life is full of female's, wife, two daughters and a Female dog. I'm ruled by them and every day rolls into one (press play on sad music) The only chance i get to clear my head and get a taste of freedom is when im out with the bikes but after hand washing them for many a year the cramp in my right wrist has becoming increasingly bad. With the use of this jet washer i can not only wash all my bikes faster and more effectively but the wife can get off her ass and clean the patio floor without moaning so much PS please don't tell the wife i called her a female dog
  6. Noise

    crap horn

    Meatloaf, you got the horn yet?
  7. This is bollocks, thank god i don't live there. £12.50 is a bonkers price I'd hate to imaging how much they charge a lorry or coach.....................bet they are free or the same price!!
  8. Noise

    Project Jennifer

    Gotta wait for them to be delivered first as i only won them last night. i got them for £30 as they came off a fire damaged bike so will need all new seal etc but they worked before the electrical fire took the bike off the road. But they are a million times better than my carbs as when i took number 4 float bowl off all that came out was ally dust and the insides just look like a golf ball. If these don't work then i'll either have to fork out the £300+ for a brand new set or just go down the weber carb route.
  9. Noise

    Project Jennifer

    Yer I think I will go down the anodising route, might go for a bit of brushed gold effect . Just won a set of new carbs on eBay, happy but gutted too as if I lost out on them I was going to get a pair of weber 40 dcoe to go on, but hey ho gunna keep her as period as possible.
  10. We have Talon down here in Yeovil and they will replace and true up both wheels with stainless steel spokes for £250 if you wanted to contact them and post them down.
  11. Noise

    Project Jennifer

    Ha, hopefully be on the road by then if lady luck.loves me.
  12. Noise

    Project Jennifer

    Is it changing then? That's not going to be good as I'm looking at next year til the chrome and paint is to be done, looking at gold plating bits too with a touch of gold leaf, thankfully the wife is ok with me doing it too as once I get my test done to teach cbt's then the money I get from that is going on the chop It's just this registering her part that's confusing me, far too much red tape but it'll soon get there.
  13. Noise


    Might do, no harm in asking i guess.
  14. I was going to fit DNA's to her but run out of cash.
  15. Noise

    Project Jennifer

    Well I thought I better start posting up some pictures of the head ache.......I mean Jennifer haha She looks so much better in the pictures than she really does. Her in the carport Right side of the motor The well and truly fooled seat The tatty tank Not so lovely springers Hmmm new chrome needed........and lots of it. Rust, rust and more pissing rust. Poorly exhausts Carbs look good but are truly fooled And lastly the plunger rear end, need I say any more
  16. Off the top of my head i remember mine having the same and i "think" that its for the models on the other side of the pond. if every thing on the bike works without it connected then there is no problem. It could also be for models that have a alarm fitted as stock. Again this is a "I THINK" answer
  17. Noise

    xvs950 rebuild

    Loving the work on this buddy, and the blooper at the end, lets just thank god your not in the fire dept
  18. O........... my.................. GOD...............BETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha, its cool man its great when you can put your own touch to something, what else have you got planned for her?
  19. Welcome Norm, Glad your enjoying Betty, i know she's in good hands. I'll get the Manuel to you as soon as for you. can you PM me your address for me and i'll get it sorted
  20. Noise

    a good idea

    Ok the helmet is the highest part of the bike and is seen first 95% of the time but these LED's will make no difference to the simidsy that still pull out on you with your high beam and day glow jacket on. It is now all down to styling, all these new cages running the day time running lights etc i guess the bike manufactures and clothing guys are jumping on the band wagon. Not for me,
  21. Noise


    Yer good idea, not about the dating thing. thanks for the link Drew just applied to sign up to the SOHC/4 forum to see if they can help too but most forums i look into about this type of thing suggest contacting Honda UK but apparently you have to hassle them to reply to you and also they cock up the engine numbers you give them.
  22. Noise


    Hey folks, I was thinking last night that maybe it would be cool to see if i could dig out / find any history on the CB chop that i have just bought, but is this actually possible? All i have got is a frame number and engine number and just know that it was imported from the States? Is there any sites that anyone knows of that gives history of vehicles over the pond? would love to find out who the owner was back in the day. Also i have to try and get hold of a dating certificate, anyone know the best way to do that as well?
  23. Noise

    Betty is gone

    Tis indeed buddy, but the beginning of something special
  24. Yer i agree with drew, im an expert with fuel tanks haha. Would a bandit tank not fit?
  25. Best to just get a full custom set made up, if your good at diy welding then nothings impossible, as i say if your ain't tried it how do you know you can't do it?
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