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  1. from September 7, 2020 motorcycles made before 2007 will have to pay a £12.50 daily charge to enter central London - 5.5 yrs from now http://www.mcforum.co.uk/topic/2295-visordown-1250-london-motorcycle-toll-approved/ talking of polution, tell you what is really unpleasant, following a builders truck through the blackwall tunnell, dust/grit/rubbish swirling about.
  2. wrote a little item about sheds:- Sad is the Shed Man - not What could be nicer than your own shed? Of course it depends on circumstances but, hopefully, all of us will end up with our own shed at some point. In today's world, more than ever, you need a retreat, not exactly an escape, but your own space, surrounded by your own things, be that only stuff saved from the main house, knick-knacks and bits and pieces. This will inevitably, for the likes of us, include large quantities of motorbike parts, or as your other half probably thinks of it, 'that useless rusty old scrap'. If y
  3. iandouglas

    a good idea

    motorbike helmet with lights https://youtu.be/-JT_qc-bjAc
  4. a man in a tweed jacket has been slapping pensioners round the back of the head if he caught them sneezing in public http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/man-arrested-for-allegedly-slapping-pensioners-who-sneezed-in-carlisle-city-centre-10139611.html i hope i don't end up engaging/indulging in this sort of thing
  5. no not new bikes, just keeping the existing (old) one running, had a load of repairs done a few months ago and now i have started using my 25 yr old machine more again with the weather improving somewhat, well temperatures anyway, and straight away i'm into a replacement silencer and replacement brake switch plus another service will be required soon. Also got our boy's bike to sort/pay for as he is still a student, not that i mind particularly, his (old) bike has a gear selection issue (actually I will just be glad if it is fixable), an oil cooler leak and one of the he
  6. looks great https://youtu.be/4nRQ1-L54Yg too heavy and thirsty for me but i can't help but think what a beautiful beast that bike is
  7. i liked the two programmes last night, one at 8 and the other at 10 pm i think, the first was about a bonneville they found and the second a mower amongst other things. reminded me of the wheeler dealers format but a better watch than usual for sure. it also has a bit of salvage hunters about it, drew pritchard's series from north wales.
  8. iandouglas


    i wonder how lycra stands up to an off, not very well i would have thought, perhaps parts of a cyclists suit are reinforced with kevlar.
  9. 8pm - 9pm ITV4 - on shortly
  10. but actually they just do that, when it happened to me in a bad way on an xj600n there was a strong cross wind, thing is, apart from the recommendations above, to keep a reasonably firm grip on the handlebars when riding.
  11. iandouglas


    today i gave cyclists more thought than usual after this thread - so that is a good thing my new bugbear is lane hogging on the m25 - just joking, well - sort of, it is annoying
  12. Yes poverty is a terrible thing alright but it does concentrate the mind, if one only has so much then you channel it towards something you really want -meanwhile the day dreaming continues.
  13. Looking forward to the pictures
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