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  1. The new baffles didn't come with any packing at all actually, I tried wrapping some around them and they sounded exactly the same as the stock silvertail baffles . I do like the idle sound with them however when revving high (especially when riding) the sound is what i'd call "hollow" or "tinny". I am still planning on drilling out the plate in the silver tail but the bugger is very far down in the pipe - but if this is done, and repacked with fiberglass, my GUESS is that they will have a lot deeper sound than they do now .
  2. Thanks for all the replies guys, I have decided to keep all of the tubes on there with the exception of the one leading from the AIS to the airbox (as the box will be removed) I think i'll put on small pod filters on the carbs and another one on the AIS. Fingers crossed and i'll keep you updated as to whether or not I blow myself up haha
  3. I bought some aftermarket baffles or "motorcycle decibel killers" from ebay, they were slightly too large so I grinded them down to fit within the pipes. They are essentially the silvertail baffles cut in half ( i didn't want to modify the silvertail ones as replacement baffles are expensive and hard to get hold of plus I have no tools that could drill out the piece as of yet) - I then bought a hypercharger for £40 (Unbelievably Cheap Price Right???) jets are still the same at the moment. I personally believe she is running one hell of a lot better now and after doing a round day trip (more or less 80 - 100 miles ) i filled her up to the brim again - only took 6 litres, so the fuel consumption has definitely improved That being said, I do plan to go forward with taking her for a dyno run and also downsizing the main jets - in addition I will hopefully continue with the drilling of the plate in the silvertails as the decibel killers make her sound beautiful at idle, however doing 60+ mph she sounds like a WWII V1 BUZZ BOMB haha! Not pleasant. Im guessing Tout that you have silvertails yourself as you seem to know a fair bit about them - have you modified yours?
  4. PyroVee

    Bobber Project

    Know it has been forever, but work has been a higher priority, the bike suffered some pretty nasty scratches that called for a repaint. I gave it a go myself however it turns out that spray painting isnt my thing haha. In addition it turned out that the air filter that I had ordered was for a car.... so performance results weren't amazing.
  5. Hi Guys, I know this isn't a yamaha (please feel free to move or remove as required) however this forum is the only place I have ever managed to get solid answers for my projects. The bike in question is a 2008 Hyosung GV250. I have removed the airbox and carbs for cleaning and would like to modify it with aftermarket parts. - However as this is my first time working on an engine, I haven't got much of a clue as to what I am doing here. I would like to remove the AIS and whatever it is that clutters the engine up. I have attached a diagram as to what I plan to do - if you could please let me know if this will work or if there is anything I should be doing instead. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi guys, I was wondering if any of you know the length of the spokes for the front and rear wheels of the yamaha dagstar classic 04? I have had a bit of a ding and figured may as well replace them with stainless ones only I cannot for the life of me find the required lengths. Much appreciated
  7. Thanks for all your help guys fixed her up a treat
  8. The hole has a similar effect to that of a Hypercharger - as I am not rolling in it i decided I would save myself 300 quid and do it myself. It is now similar to a Ram Air Kit - Here is a link to the basic principal of it. http://650ccnd.com/mods/RAK/rak.htm Which diagram option do you all recommend then because now I am stuck between cutting it in half and repacking it with the wadding or drilling the metal midway plate out. Thanks again for all of your help
  9. Took it to the local mechanic who told me there two options, use smaller carbs or pull the baffles out, he reckoned that the air flow was being messed up at the rear end. Tried doing that and it is WAY too loud. As the pipes have NO aftermarket baffles available (Silvertails are a weird size), I am going to have to modify the current ones. I have attached the options that I have - Can anyone give me an opinion as to which you recommend and why? (i have already removed the packing as running too rich has wrecked it.) Thanks very much
  10. Hey guys (I hope this is in the right thread) I have noticed recently that my petrol mileage on my 2004 yamaha Dragstar Classic has gone crap recently. The only contributing factors I have are that I have been using the choke a lot more to warm her up (as it has been cold lately) and that I have modified the air intake system. The current setup has a k&n air filter, cut open stock airbox ( more air flow) , silvertail k02 exhaust pipes (with the baffles) and jetted carbs (127.5 main jets) I am aware that there is a sacrifice of fuel economy for a few more horsepower however I am barely scraping 100 miles on a full tank! From a bike that (stock) claims to do 170! My only guess is that either I am using insane amounts of fuel by having the choke out for 5 minutes or that the main jets are too big and I am running very rich - in which case I can either downsize the carbs or purchase a RAM air kit (or a hyper charger) for more airflow - or maybe more free flowing exhausts? I know the logical thing to do would be take it to a rolling road dyno centre however here in the south they are pretty expensive. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. PyroVee

    Bobber Project

    Hey guys, thanks for all the feedback I went out and bought a pair of handlebar risers today, but after fitting them I immediately disliked them and took them back as they kind of ruined the chop look of the bike. After a couple of sketches I think I have come up with a viable solution - As noise suggested I have hard-wired the light into the ignition, so it is now only on or full beam, an easy enough job of just tying all the wires in together and sealing them off. As for the indicator and light switch, I removed the toggles from the side of the bike (because when I was riding it I flicked the wrong one so I decided to get rid of that idea) and wired them in to the indicator and dipped/full circuits. I haven't got round to attaching them to the handlebars yet as I believe it ain't going to be easy, but I'll keep posting. Thanks again for your input
  12. PyroVee

    Bobber Project

    Thanks The lights are currently a work in progress. I have done loads today, but a few problems have occurred due to the modifications: The controls on the right side have all been rewired down here, the killswitch, ignition and lights are all on toggles (Still trying to work out the 3 way selector switch for full and dipped beams, I have no idea how to correctly wire that up ) The exhaust pips have been wrapped, which means no more leg burning! New drag bars and handlebar mirrors have all been fitted which look absolutely amazing, they also strangely make it far more fun to ride This however is where the biggest problem lies, although the new bars look and handle perfect, I cannot turn them all the way to the left as the control box obstructs it. It can go fully right as the box hs been relocated on the right hand side, however i feel that the indicators are useless down by the battery box. Does anyone have any suggestions around this? Here is a photo showing the issue... any advice would be greatly appreciated
  13. PyroVee

    Bobber Project

    Hi Guys, it was recommended that I moved this post here as it was more relevant. To cut a long story short, back in January I bought a 650 V-Star classic to replace my current Hyosung GV250, since then the latter has been sat around the garage collecting dust and wasting away. I had tried to sell it numerous times on eBay but I never really had any offers that I felt were close to what it was worth (granted I went a little overboard with modifications, but it was my first bike so I reserved the right to act like a child on Christmas). Time went on and the bike was still sitting under an old duvet in the garage, unused - After I had finished adding extra bits to the XVS 650, I was left with very little tinkering to do so I began searching eBay for a dragstar or virago 125 that I could chop down and turn into a little rat bobber, or something along those lines. However after seeing prices exceeding £2000 for a 125cc bike, I decided to let that idea go... Until I pulled the cloth off the GV250 that was lying in the garage. After a couple of Photoshop edits etc, i thought that there was some potential to create a little bobber with this bike - and it made sense, rather than shelling out god knows how much on a new bike I would turn this one into something a little more "rock and roll". This thread will just be some updates on what is going on with the project and hopefully I will be able to get some feedback from all of you who will know a considerable amount more than me about Motorcycles, MOTs and the law when it comes to bikes. Here is how she started out: And here is a quick concept on Photoshop (I'm not brilliant at it) Thanks Guys
  14. PyroVee

    Bobber Conversion

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