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  1. With a bit of luck you may have to just change the piston rings and thats just a top end rebuild, the shit on the stick moment is if the barrels have worn away and you have to try and find replacement oneswhich is not easy nor would i think they are cheap. If you can do it yourself then you will save loads of cash as the lads have said above, just take your time and read the manual word for word and don't rush it. If you need a manual i know someone who has one (wink wink)
  2. Noise


    Another tip, dont ware an open face lid in the rain unless you like the feeling of needles in your face and eyes
  3. I hate most things about Christmas but seeing the smile on my little girls face shows me that its not actually that bad, i feel sorry for the poor folk working in retail having to hear Chritsmas songs on repeat and screaming kids shouting I WANT THAT!!! On to the subject of sprouts i love mine with chopped up crispy bacon and cracked black pepper Mmmmmmmmmm nom nom nom
  4. Just received a big box of goodies today for Diana the Divvy consisting of the following: Rethal bars Grips Bar Weights Mini speedo Idicators Street fighter twin lights Street fighter Screen I have also managed to sorce a free seat off a mate but need to re skin it as its all ripped to shreads and also started to paint the under seat plastics in Nissan Skyline midnight blue which i layed down a gloss black base so at night the bike is black but in the sun light it changes to a deep blue with sparkles When the light is a bit better i shall grab some more pics and post them up.
  5. Get a bit of wood that will fit down the barrel ontop of the piston and give it a few lumps wirh a hammer to see if you can rotate the crank and get the piston lower down the barrel. Im thinking that the dowels that locate the barrel onto the bottom end have rusted and jammed them together.
  6. Same as the rest of us lassy, want some? If it is your birthday grouch and your still lurking about have a good one just dont break any more bikes
  7. Yer the best thing is to put oil in it and leave it to soak through over time might even take a few days to free it up then start knocking it with a mallet as Drew said, take care not to go mad and snapping the fins off the barrel, also heat up the barrel not the piston.
  8. Just buy a tank, they are congetion charge free and can get through any traffic jam a breeze. This EU crap is getting a tad over kill now, its sort of like a political Nazi invation cant do it with guns and mass bombings so we shall invade but indtroducing bullshit legislation and tax the feck out of them at the same time just for the privilege of commuting. Sorry but how the Mickey Mouse is introducing a ULEZ in certain areas going to improve this global warming situtation thingy? as far as im aware smoke and smog dosn't think "O i can't go into that town as its a ULEZ" I think we need to gather up all the 2 smokers in the UK and do a continous circle around London
  9. Re check that the timing chains are lined up properly, turn her to top dead center and remove the side covers to see the cam chains and check to see if the dot on the cam sproket lines up with the notch on the head
  10. Noise

    Helmet dryer

    I dont wash my helmet, i prefer mine to smell and look used
  11. Noise

    Your thoughts

    Yes i have lied to you all for so long i had to come out clean Forgot that the 125 had the duel shocks and not the mono shock like the 650 dose. good thing really as it sort of proves that the 125 draggy looks like a bigger bike than it actually is.
  12. Noise

    Your thoughts

    Thats what i own now buddy just slightly modified. Took my mates Speedmaster out for a little blast on Monday night and i gotta say i flipping loved it! thing was tho is that it felt very tall compared to my betty and very top heavy, apart from that it was fantastic in the bends, very smooth acceleration and gave me a stupid childish grin on my face. Im gunna look about and test ride a few more bikes firt tho before im 100% commited on what i wants tho.
  13. Thats the norm in this nut house im afraid, we all get side tracked VERY quickly
  14. Noise

    DAS advice

    Hi Chap, Im going to be a CBT instructor next year and working with my mate who owns the training school, he charges £700 for a full 4 day course which is Saturday to Monday training and test on the Tuesday. £40 for the bike liability insurance test fee's and then the rest is for fuel and training costs. There is alos our competitor who charges £600 but this is only for a 2 day course and it really is just a rush job and you do not get the one - one instructior benifit with them as they will take 3-4 students at a time. 3 days at £750 depending on if they only take 2 students per one instructor is a good price to be fair. But if your concerned about where you pennies go then ask for a course break down with what costs what etc, you are there customer and you are more than in your rights to ask where your money is going.
  15. Kev is always willing to share out his chunky one Foamys not that loving tho and just thows in a finger or two
  16. Noise

    Your thoughts

    I think the america and speedmaster are the same bike just called different???
  17. Yer thought id let someone else complicate things a bit further
  18. Noise

    Your thoughts

    Well i think i may have a change of thought this week as my mate is off on a short tour on board ship and has given me his triumph speedmaster for three weeks to service and change a few bits n bobs on it. I've ridden it before but only round the block so its going to be nice to actually see what its like. Only thing is they are a bit out my price range.
  19. Noise

    Your thoughts

    I do love the bolt but sadly im not in the financial situation to be able to afford a brand new bike so its all depends on how much i get for betty. Yer i doubt i would survive to sell the vmax, think I'll just get a few more years riding under my belt before i delve into the realms of the stupid power. Thing is i have always loved the old harley's, n i know your buying the stupidity priced name and your instantly tard as one of them folk but i just have that itch to own one. In reality a nice smallish v twin that i can throw about would do me just not a virago haha.
  20. Noise

    Your thoughts

    Well here i go again with this one, i know i have said it before but it will definatly be happening next year. Im looking at selling up Betty and getting another bike, its not that i dont like her any more (i love her to bits) its just that im bored of her now and just want a little more grunt for my buck also it will be nice to see someone else enjoy her as much as i have. Now the bikes im looking at getting next are: Harley Sporty 1200 (pre 2005) Harley Ironhead 1000 (found a 1984 one im in love with but needs work) XVS 1100 (looks too bulky for me tho) Vmax (not sure how long id keep it tho as its not my style, i just want one ) Kwakimakie VN1500 XV 1600 wildstar (Again its a bulky bike) So out of them what are your thoughts, and as you can guess non of them will stay stock.
  21. An Asian fellow has moved in next door. He has travelled the world, swum with sharks, wrestled bears and climbed the highest mountain. It came as no surprise to learn his name was Bindair Dundat. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Two Muslims have crashed a speedboat into the Thames barrier in London . Police think it might be the start of Ram-a-dam. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The wife has been missing a week now and the Police said to prepare for the worst. So I have been to the charity shop to get all her clothes back.
  22. Setting it up to TDC, if its a OHC (dobt it is) then you need to keep the cam it the correct possion, then take off the head, then remove the barrel, take out the gudion pin locking ring, then remove the gudion pin from the piston, fit new piston and rings (the correct way) fit new bigger gudion pin, fit new barrel without damaging the piston rings, re-fit head and cams etc. Turn engine over by hand to make sure your not hitting the head with the piston. if all is ok then fire it up.
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