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  1. Yer we had snow over here in Yeovil, they have issued a yellow weather warning for snow on Sunday
  2. Its fine, i dont care how a thread goes and this one is still on the same subject that it started out with which was about CBT's and if it does turn into a dummies guide then as you say thats not a bad thing at all.
  3. Na thats cool Kirrie im always happy to be corrected as every day is school day, but saying what you said does that mean you cant look at your speedo as you should get a feel for the speed your going? I think that if you only glance at your speedo to check how fast you are going you can 'glance' at your rev counter (if fitted) to check your revs. Your not taking your eyes off the road that long when checking your speedo so why so different for the revs? Haha Yes most bikes have no rev counter so it is best to teach about feeling the revs but if the bike has one fitted why not use it. Cap, as said above do what you feel is the best time.to change up or down, 8-9k is a bit too much stress on a bike that red lines at 10k in my eyes, should really be looking at a max of 7k to change up a gear IF the momentum is there to do so.
  4. Na its ok Cap im more than happy for you to ask as its a forum of help, not to tell folk to piss off out my thread haha. Im supprised that both yours and her instructor didn't explain how a clutch works? Not even a little bit. Could i ask how long your CBTs lasted? Now as for the rev rang on a 125 there is two ways to.judge it. One is a rev gauge (pretty simple really you keep the needle out the red zone) the second way has a bit more thinking to do and thats to 'listen' to the engine. If the engine sounds lumpy and as if its going to stall your below tick over or 1500rpm (ish) and your need to either increase speed by more throttle or changing down a gear. If the engine is screaming its bollocks off then we are up in that red zone of the rev gauge and we must ease off the throttle change up a gear and ease back on.
  5. Hey folks, sorry for the late reply my heads only just stopped hurting haha. Thanks for the great words of wisdom and encouragement from all of you. Thankfully im not doing Cardington as im only being down trained but maybe in the future I'll dip my hand in that can of worms but not yet, still plenty more years left in me so I'll stick to just CBTs then after a few years of getting the hang of teaching I'll give it a bash. As for keeping my voice like a airline pilot, now thats the tricky part! My mate who is training me keeps bollocking me as he says im acting like im still in the Army and feels like im barking orders at him, but im getting better at it. I helped out on three CBTs now two complete noobs and one refresher and i managed to teach 6 pad exercises which went very well, managed to catch the clutch on one of them just as he 'forgot' to slip it haha. All in all im loving it, great fun and love how im helping people gain something that will potentially stay with them for life if they take it to their full A licence. Still got a few more weekends to go till i get my card but hey can't rush perfection.
  6. Hey folks, just me having a waffle. I started my CBT instructor training on Tuesday and today was my third day out of 6 so pretty much gone half way through and my god how flipping hard is it!! Now i done my CBT just over 4 years ago and thought it was an eye opener, bit boring till i got on the bike and a bit of a mind fuck when we got going. But after doing the big boys test and learning all the "bad habits" then going back to do this instructor training i never actually realised how hard it really is, not only to pass the CBT but to do it so perfectly that you show a novice how to ride a bike for the first time. Tomorrow im on a road ride in the morning and in the afternoon i have to teach my instructor how to do all 20 exercises on the pad! Its a fun course and im learning more about riding than i did but also polishing up on my own riding too. Well there is my waffle, have a good night
  7. There is one things that just stands out in the wrong way for me tho, its them exhausts. They seam to look too long for the bike now that you have fitted the short rear mudguard, in my eyes a set of V&H short shots would finish that off damn sexy
  8. I did consider getting one done but had my Prince Albert done instead.
  9. Looks cool! What seat have you gone for?
  10. I had a rock come out from between the double wheels of a truck and hit me in the knee. had to pull over and take a moment but had to wait a good 20 mins before my leg started to feel normal again. Thankfully it was just a nice little bruise and nothing broken...........well i think not as i never went to the docs to have it looked at
  11. Well thats a bit of a shitter! How much oil did you loose before you sat her up to fix her? if you lost a lot then you may as well just buy a new engine as the first things that would have started to suffer would be the top end (valves and cams) which im not 100% sure if you can get for the 125 draggy. if it was only a little bit of oil you may have dodged a bullet but as you said its would a check. Now i must say this but..........why on earth did you not check the chain tension? this bent part could have been avoided but a simple check and would have meant NOT having to strip and split the box to replace it and a good few months of doing such a job. Any who, good luck with it and myself and the rest of the folks here will no doubt give you advise and help with it.
  12. Rossies race number is 46.............................so i guess its the fact they knocked off 46p from this can of drimk that has his nick name on it.
  13. Blimey meatloaf its almost like we are married, you know me so well. Haha. I hate the general look of the viggies but with my hat off and tail between my legs i did kinda fall in love with a highly modified viggy
  14. Always better late then never. Welcome to the Asylum
  15. Yes but by the looks of things didn't like our humour??
  16. As Tout said we are always here to help (as long as its not a virago)
  17. Looks really good! Agreed with ditching the indicators as they just ruine the looks of the bike, even a stock xvs they look crap on. By the way with the single seat conversion you got, i made a blanking plate to hide/protect the mono shock and electrics which i no longer need if you're interested?
  18. Has Steve created another account or something??
  19. Go to Halfords and they do a VHT brush on grey or black paint. Wire brush off the flkes and then paint on the new paint. Start the bike and let it warm up to bake on the paint. Job done
  20. Yours looks so much more "User Friendly" than mine
  21. Click The "Rise of the phoenix" link in my sig and that will show you the whole build thread. your see what she looks like now one page 16-18
  22. What Lassy said is pretty much spot on, XVS dragstar = Europe & XVS Vstar = US etc but apart from the name nothing is different to the bikes them selves. If you put a Dragstar and a Vstar next to one another the only things your see that are different is the name and that the Vstars have some extra pipes around the engine which do something with the emissions. I have a XVS 650 Draggy a tad modified to what they are like stock. I love it and its a fantastic bike. Very relieable and has lots of low end power which will pull any fat ass up the road. I too really like the 1600 wild star and once i sell the 650 this year the wild star is on the hit list to test ride.
  23. I've never used this button before and i've got to say its so much better to keep track of the current threads. Not sure why it dont work for you any more tho? Might be one for Alex if no MODS can help
  24. Noise

    Project Clocker

    Ive been looking for an old V8 block to make a coffee table but sadly the wife has said no to me 1) having the funds and 2) for having a V8 coffee table in the house Think i should make her a turbo hairdrier to make her feel loved
  25. Id try the braided line first mate as its the cheaper option out the lot. If its still lacking the the stopping department then your have to look into the other options
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