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    No Doubt about it

    Wee bit light hearted banter. He gave us this fine Land,The excellent Water Of Life ( Whisky !! ) and a good sense of humour. And all because of our neighbours........
  2. Lot of work done to this bike. There is a similar bike on Sale at Ebay at the moment. I have also got to say I really DONT like white bikes. But thats a personal issue. Well done though. I did love my own (red) RF900 and would have another in a second !!
  3. Welcome !! Glad you decided to take the plunge and say "Hi!"
  4. Welcome ! Good luck on your project. Look forward to seeing the pictures/reading the text about it all. Maybe someday I will try some customising myself.
  5. Welcome !! As an Owner of a '89 XJ600 Paperweight I was interested in all you went through. Mine will hopefully be getting worked on this winter when I get my new "Man Cave" !! ( Ordered & awaiting delivery 6-8 weeks) Also having previously owned a Pre Divi XJ600 I can remember it having a "Buzz" around the 4-6000rpm so I think that it may be part of the character of these particular bikes.

    1976 Yamaha V50

    The stripes look fine to me. But it's YOUR project so YOU decide. Looks good & some great work. Hope when I actually get started on mine I can do a similar quality of work.

    Mt07 or hornet?

    Try and get a test ride on each bike. Something that you like the look of may not fit ! Maybe the seat isnt any good or footpegs are akward. Seat height too high or something completely different. As neversaydie wrote they are all good bikes & you wont go wrong with any of them.
  8. Hello ! How about going to the "New Members" section & doing an introduction ?? Its considered polite & also you will get more responses from some of the members. Lots of wisdom in this Forum. Hope you find the answer to your problem.
  9. Welcome !! Its a complete nuthouse on here. Full of Characters !! Plenty of good advice. Quite a few on here have 125cc bikes so plenty of knowledge if/when you have a problem. Enjoy your bike !!
  10. Welcome Welcome !! Got a few on here with similar bikes so we "should" be able to help with any questions you have. Saying that this place is a Asylum so who knows what answers you will get !! Enjoy your bike & hopefully someone sensible will say "Hello" soon as well.
  11. Welcome ! And you even got a couple of sensible replies !! Don't worry,it won't last !! Enjoy your bike !!
  12. Welcome to the Asylum. Look forward to seeing you Project in pictures.
  13. GREIGE

    XS 250 CARBS

    Hey blackhat250 !! I had a MZ250ETZ !! Best wee bike I ever had. It even waterproofed my Right Boot with oil as I rode along... Started every time. Regardless of weather or temperature. Only sold it when I got my first XJ600 Pre Diversion.
  14. Welcome to the Asylum !! PICTURES PLEASE !!!!! Small vintage Japanese cycle collection. DEFINITELY need PICTURES !!
  15. Hmmmm... This is me talking straight off the bat. No guarantee anything I write is fact or useful. Because its such a small engine you may need to slip the clutch a bit more than you think to get a smoother pull away. Or it may be as Cynic says and its just a trait of that type of bike. But try slipping the clutch a wee bit more first. It will really annoy the neighbours.......
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