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    XVS 125 Dragstar Bobber 2003 (Gone)XVS 650 Dragstar Bobber 2000 (Sold) 1996 XJ600 Divvy (Sold) 1999 Suzuki GS500 (Sold) 1985 XJ900 (Project for a mate) 1972 Honda CB750 Chop (my new baby) 1996 Suzuki Bandit (new project)

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    Yeovil, Somerset
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    Cars, Bikes, WW1&2, Tanks (ex Chally 2 Crewman) Heavy metal! Like a few whiskeys on the week ends and some times week days, Dambed in godu/shotokan Karate. Love shooting but haven't been in a long time, Used to be a fitness freak but now not so fussed about it now im out of HM Forces

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