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  1. It was a wet day, but the surface we were doing it on wasn't slippy as such. I'm going to practice this weekend as I've managed to get the test rebooked for this Tuesday, will try keeping the bike in second gear at high rev and see what's achievable. Just think if I exit the bend and shift upto third, my acceleration won't get me upto speed....if I can't do it then using a different bike might be plan B! EDIT: Found this, hopefully others will find it useful: http://papajon.hubpages.com/hub/Pass-your-motorcyle-test-module-1 Something I figured too is my bike is lower than most bikes, kinda puts it in the back of my mind that my foot pedal might scrape the ground if I lean over too far
  2. Hi, I just took my mod 1 on a dragstar 125cc yesterday and failed :S the instructor said my handling for manoeuvres like u-turn, slalom etc was faultless but because I couldn't get my bike upto speed through the speed trap (minimum 32mph), I couldn't do the swerve or emergency stop exercises. Any advice on how to achieve this speed on my type of bike? I felt like I was going as fast as I could reasonably go when going around the circuit bend, the max speed I achieved was 28mph
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