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  1. No thats quite alright, I have only been riding for a week and if its down to my inexperience then I would prefer that over a faulty bike. The only thing that worries me is like I said it was going fine for the first 30 miles, so I'm inclined to think the fault lies elsewhere. When you say adjust the clutch, how would i go about this? Also could it really be oil in a brand new bike?
  2. Hi all, Just purchased my first bike, a new ybr125 and for the first 80 miles loved it! However the last 30 miles or so the bike has had problems going into third. I give it a firm flick and nothing but resistance with the clutch firmly in. This happens around 80% of the time and its very frustrating. It does however work second time everytime which i find very strange. Also When going from 3rd to 4th somtimes there there is no feedback at all no click or clunk, it goes but feels as though it hasnt if that makes sense? If anyone could help with this it would be much appreciated. Lee
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