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  1. I bought the YBR new so I got the insurance deal (as opposed to the 4 years 0%) £500 per year fully comp plus £50 personal injury cover up to £20k 1 Year RAC cover Considering i'm 17 its a bloody good deal... I go up to around £1100 next year I'll be 18, with a full bike license and 1 year NCB
  2. Always put it on. Not many pro thieves looking to nick a 125 so it deters little chavs that wanna go for a joy ride... Gears + Steering lock means i'm chav proof.
  3. Columbo

    TZR 250

    YPVS version! Not ridden a 2 stroke before :/
  4. Columbo

    TZR 250

    Hey all, been a while! Still on the YBR! been riding 8 months now. Full test all booked up and I'm ready to rock. I REALLY want a TZR 250! Are they any good?
  5. I actually failed my theory test saturday just gone. 41/50 43 is a pass
  6. Columbo

    Half way there

    WOOOOOOAHHHH! We're half way there!!!
  7. Pretty much everything is replaceable. Get a manual, find the part number, order a replacement.
  8. Columbo


    BANDIT! Someone fetch Up.Yours
  9. Columbo


    Got a puncture on the YBR. Dead centre of the tyre... I'll upload images in a little bit Gonna take it to the repair shop in a bit. I'll post the news for the new guys wondering.
  10. Currently costs £16 per year to tax. Does it get much more? O.o
  11. Mine has no luggage straps under the seat. only the silver rack on the back. Also, no kick starter. 2011 YBR 125
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